Easy and quick pomegranate smoothie

I had made this smoothie few months ago when I had bought some pomegranates which were not at all sweet. My kids love pomegranate. But this particular variety which I had got from the supermarket were huge and looked juicy with a beautiful red colour. But they were not sweet at all. So I decided to make a smoothie. I and my hubby had it for breakfast . It was yummy and filling too!! It was a good way of using up the fruits.


Avacado smoothie recipe – Sugarless and healthy

Avacado has become an essential part of our diet now. I buy it almost everytime I visit the supermarket. I usually make a salad with it. My hubby and me have add avocado smoothie a couple of times and we have really loved it. I wanted to try this at home from a long time. I made this last week during breakfast. A slice of bread and avocado smoothie kept us full almost until we had a light lunch later in the day. We did not even crave for mid morning snacks. I do hope you try this , you…


How to make dryfruits and nuts truffles – No cook sugarless treat recipe

This recipe is very similar to the nuts fudge recipe I had posted a couple of years ago. I have just used raisins along with the dates and combination of different nuts.This such a simple and versatile recipe whichyou can make with the dryfruits and nuts you have in hand. Its very good for your kids too and the plus point is you dont need sugar or ghee in this recipe. Its a guilt free snack and is best taken when you crave for something in between your meals. My one year old (with only 2 teeth) enjoyed this dessert…