sweet potato

Sweet potato brownies

I had made this brownies a couple of months ago for my kids snacktime. They love anything with chocolate and I promptly sneaked in some sweet potatoes making the brownies healthier. Walnuts give a nice crunch and chocolate just enhance the taste. They had a nice texture and were really delicious. Kids enjoyed and sweet potatoes imparts the necessary sweetness , So I have added very little sugar to it in the end.


Baked sweet potato fries – healthy snack for kids

Though I have tried better and interesting ways to consume sweet potatoes,especially by my kids, it really has not tempted us enough to make this in a regular basis. Years back , a friend had told me that sweet potatoes are really good for kids, like all moms, I am obsessed about feeding them to my kids. I buy them quite often. It lies in the refrigerator couple of days begging to be used and finally they get a chance. But this time , when I made this baked fries, it was enjoyed by us and kids equally and it…


Quick Sweet potato chaat – easy and healthy chaat recipes

We don’t really enjoy the sweet potatoes much as it tastes sweet and a vegetable being so sweet is somewhat unacceptable:). But they are really healthy especially for kids, So I do buy them quite regularly. I make a dry curry with it just adding some red chilly powder, turmeric powder and salt. It does taste good. Last time, I made this chaat and we enjoyed it. My son is not too fond of it. But my daughter likes sweet potatoes as I have been feeding her mashed sweet potatoes since when she was around 8-9 months old and she…