mango smoothie breakfast bowl

Mango breakfast smoothie bowl recipe

It feels so good to blog after a small silence. Last week had been busy and the couple of hours per week,I usually keep aside for my blogging work was utilized to create a new look for my blog. Yes, after reverting to a new hosting early this year, I […]

sesame seeds laddoo

Til ke ladoo recipe /white sesame seeds and jaggery ladoo

Whenever I find time, I try to make some traditional snacks for them to know and enjoy atleast a few. One of these days I remembered this sesame ladoos we used to have during the winter season especially during sankranthi in maharashtra. Its very easy to put together the crushed sesame seeds and jaggery,requires less ingredients and and very less of your time,totally my kind of recipe!!!


Mango kulfi icecream

Hello to all my readers. Good to be back to blogging after a very long time. But I have been working on my blog and still working on it. I am trying to make it more organised and more better to get motivated to be regular to blogging.Cooking has been going on and it has been full fledged healthy cooking. I do have some recipes in my drafts which I would like to get done with and then start working on other recipes.


Badam aur makhana ki kheer – Almond and lotus seeds pudding – easy pudding recipes

Before you say that I have left blogging, I finally decided to do a post today. I do have a few posts in my drafts , but somehow I kept it postponing with the other activities. Its the busiest time of the year for the kids with a number of activities lined up at school which keeps all mummies on their toes. While some other things comes up along with the usual routine activities. Similarly kiddos teacher wanted a few parent volunteers for some activity in school for the SG 50 celebrations going on. All kids were given lego sets…


No churn Rose icecream recipe- No machine required – no churn icecream recipes

This is one of the most delicious homemade icecream I have had.I started making icecreams only last summer for first time and this year I got to make a couple of icecreams too. This recipe is very similar to the no churn vanilla icecream I posted few months back. The only difference is that I have used rose flavour in this one. It was really delicious and had a beautiful rose flavour. It tasted more like kulfi as rose is more of a Indian flavour and the addition of condensed milk tasted like khoya. I shared this with a friend…


Cherry icecream recipes- easy and eggless no machine icecream recipes

There was a time when I was addicted to baking. I used to bake almost every week and I was always fascinated with a new and interesting cake or cookie recipe. I still do, but the frequency of baking has reduced. Its also because of health reasons and also time constraints. If at all I get the time to bake, I bake healthy cakes and cookies involving low fat and healthy ingredients. Similarly, now I am addicted to making icecreams. It was last summer when I made this mango icecream for the first time. Then after discussing with a friend,…


Mango cream popsicles recipe – kids food recipes

I have never been keen on making icecreams like this before.I did make make a few icecreams couple of times before , but I never could understand the science behind the addition of what kind of ingredients could make a perfect icecream. But after this one, I have been wanting to try more and more icecream recipes. I had got the popsicle moulds a few months back when my kid insisted to buy them. He himself used to pour some juices into the moulds and have them as such until I finally decided to use them in a proper way….


Sweet macaroni recipe – Easy indian style pasta recipes

A few days back, a mini concert was arranged in my son’s music class. We also decided to have a potluck dinner after the programme. When we were discussing the menu for the dinner, someone suggested her friend to make sweet macaroni. I was really intrugued by the name as I had had only savoury pasta recipes till now. I have heard of pasta payasam before but this one sounded different. I was really looking forward for having it during the function. It was something really delicious and tasted very much like ada pradhaman. Infact many people thought it was…


Mango icecream recipe (version 2) – No machine required

Though I have made icecreams a few times before, I have never been confident making it and I actually never quite experimented with making this frozen desserts. Its very rare at home when we have icecreams, that is only when the rare serious craving sets in. But one day, when we were returning back home from my son’s school, my friend said that she was planning to make icecream that day. She said she makes it many times and the result is always good. She told me a number of ways and ingredients she uses each time. Since then ,…


Arisi thengai payasam recipe – rice coconut payasam – easy Indian dessert recipes

When I had posted the instant rice flour vadais, I had mentioned that I had made a payasam during the tamil new year. I thought of posting about it today.This kind of payasam with coconut was not made at my place as far as I remember. But I once had this at my friend place during some occasion a couple of years ago. It was simply awesome. But after that I never thought of trying it at home nor I got a chance of having it again. But I was looking for some payasam recipe which I have never tried…