Healthy Aloo channa chaat recipe

Chaat is a favourite at home. We all enjoy it and I do try to make it quite often with whatever ingredients I have in hand. So there is nothing of a compulsion except for a few ingredients which are readilly available. You can just proceed with whatever you have like puffed rice, store bought chiwda, sev,boondi, peanuts ,spicy dals. Mix them with onion and tomatoes. Pour in some sauces and chutneys and your chaat is ready.

chickpea salad

Tangy Chickpea salad

I think the least number of recipes are posted under the “salad”cateogory of my blog. I do make salads regularly though not everyday. My kids like to have chopped raw carrots almost everyday or I make raita/pachadi with different veggies. But eating vegetables in raw form almost everyday is not […]


Dates tamarind chutney recipe- sweet chutney recipes for chaats

I try to make chaat for dinner once a week. My family simply love that day and look forward for it. I do try to make it healthy like using moong sprouts or chickpeas with loads of vegetables like grated carrots or cucumber. But the sweet chutney is mandatory even if its healthy or just junk. I usually make the sour or khatti chutney as it is called by just adding tamarind and jaggery. But I decided to use dates in my chutney for the sweetness and reduce the quantity of jaggery in it.I used a quarter cup of jaggery…


Paneer and small onion in southindian tamarind based gravy – Side dish for rotis and rice

Whenever I make arachuvitta sambar or the paste for vathakuzhumbu , I always think of trying out a fusion variety with paneer ,mushrooms or tofu added into the same gravy /kuzhumbu. This would make a different and delicious side dish for rice and rotis. So I finally tried it one day and it tasted really delicious. I made it with paneer , but am sure you can add in some fresh mushrooms and tofu and some peas too. I had it with phulkas , but my hubby insisted that I make some steamed rice or cumin rice for this gravy…


Kathrikkai/ brinjal rasavangi recipe- Tamil style brinjal recipes

Life has become quite busy after the school reopened. Especially as this is my kids first year in primary school,everything has been new for him as well as me.Mornings and evenings have become really busy. Though I do find a couple of hours in the afternoon , I have been spending the time with the younger one, relaxing and watching tv. So blogging has been highly irregular. I hope we do adjust to the new routine and I will find sometime everyday to spend with my blogging activities. Meanwhile I had made this delicious south indian gravy a couple of…


Drumstick Rasam recipe – Easy tamil lunch recipes

I have seen this drumstick rasam in several blogs , though it was never made at our place. After all the festivities, what we needed in the end was a simple comforting food. Thats when I though of making this finally. I followed the recipe in Meenakshi ammals cookcook, a book which has been with me for years, yet I had failed to notice this recipe. The recipe is quite similar to mysore rasam. It was quite delicious and we enjoyed it with some hot rice and potato curry. Serve hot with rice and some chutney or curry.


How to make Pulihora– Andhra style tamarind rice recipe

We have a lot of Andhra people in our neighbourhood. So whenever I have visited their homes during some get togethers or religious functions, I have always had pulihora. Our Aiyengar style puliyodharai is a slightly different recipe, and takes a fairly long time to make the pulikachal. So I have always wondered how they make a huge quantity of pulihora in a short notice and so easily though puliyodharai is easy to make too and the pulikachal is always made quite in advance. Once a friend send me a box of this pulihora. She had made with broken rice…


Chinna vengaya vathakuzhumbu recipe | Tamil lunch recipes

I have another recipe for vathakuzhumbu in this space. That is the recipe which I got from my grandmon and at our place ,we usually follow that recipe which uses tomatoes and seriously love its taste. My hubby also likes the taste and that method of preperation was quite new to him and many other relatives and friends who have had this. Do check it out here. When I had been to Bangalore this time, my sister’s mother in law made this vethakuzhumbu using small sambar onions. The method of preperation was little different and we loved this one too….


Simple vegetable sambar recipe- -How to make south indian sambar

Some couple of years ago, when I posted a tamil lunch, a reader requested to post the recipe for south Indian sambar. Though I make it so so frequently, I never took pictures and did a post. Now recently my son has developed a taste for sambar. So I make one with all the healthy vegetables and he actually loves to have it with steamed basmati rice. I have given a list of vegetables I usually make with, but its choice. Do try adding sweet potatoes as its very good for kids. Few pieces of beetroot lends a nice colour…


Mochai kottai kuzhambu , hyacinth/field beans gravy

There are some food items which I have got introduced to only after coming to Singapore. For example, vazhai thandu (banana stem) or the bananablossom. Then the mochai kottai or popularly known as val in the north was never made at my mother’s place. So when I got this beans recently (as I make it a point to include different beans lentils or pulses daily in our diet) , I browsed many blogs to see it being used in gravies. Aracha vitta sambar , where the spices are dry roasted and ground and added to the gravy to make it…