Tofu in peanut and coconut gravy

As I post my third recipe for this month, I hope I can confidently say that I am back to blogging. As I had taken a long break, it was quite difficult to come back to blogging regularly. But now off late , I have been clicking pictures of several things which I have been cooking. So I will keep posting them for sure.

I buy tofu regularly and make it the Indian way, quite similar to paneer subji. This time decided to use peanuts and a bit of coconut milk for a different flavour. It definitely tasted delicious and went really well with the pholkas I had made for dinner. You can adjust the proportion of peanuts and coconut milk to suit your taste.

Tofu has a property of absorbing the spices. So I do recommend you to marinade it and fry them for a better taste. I really love the taste of it when they are shallow fried and pop a few in my mouth before it goes into the gravy.

The tofu pieces can be added at the end too after the gravy is made in case you dont like it to be too soft and soggy. But somehow I liked some of the gravy to be absorbed and it turns to be a bit of juicy too.Here are a few more tofu recipes ,

Baked Tofu tikka

Tofu spinach cutlets

Tofu and chickpea mixed veg curry

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Tofu in peanut and coconut gravy Yum
A delicious side dish for rice and Indian breads made with tofu in a peanut and coconut milk gravy!!
Prep Time 20 minutes
Cook Time 20 minutes
To marinate the tofu
Prep Time 20 minutes
Cook Time 20 minutes
To marinate the tofu
  1. Roast the peanuts and remove the skin. In a blender jar, add the chopped onion and tomato. Add the prepared peanuts and grind it to a paste.
  2. Remove the tofu from the package. Drain out the water. Pat and press gently to remove the water. Cut them into small blocks. Take all the ingredients under the heading to marinade the tofu. Mix it well. Add the tofu pieces and allow it to be nicely coated the spices. Leave it for 20-30 minutes. Place the pieces on a hot tava. You can drizzle some more oil if you want. Cook on all sides till it turns golden brown.
  3. Heat oil in a pan. Add the onion -tomato-peanut paste in it. Add the ginger garlic paste. Saute for a minute.Add turmeric powder,red chilly powder,coriander powder,garam masala. Saute till the mixture thickens after all the water is evaporated. Add the fried tofu pieces. Mix well with the paste. Add around a glass of water according to your preffered consistency. Allow it to cook for 10 minutes.
  4. Now add the coconut milk. Cook for 2 more minutes. Switch off the flame. Garnish with chopped coriander leaves. Serve with rice and chapatis.
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Tofu and spinach cutlets recipe – Spinach tofu patty for burger/sandwiches

         Holidays have started. Its getting busier day by day as I have to engage the kids in one or the other activity along with managing the household chores.My helper is also out of town. But anyway,  we do have somethings planned for next week and  am eagerly looking forward for it. Will let you all know more about it later. Meanwhile, one of these days, I had made these cutlets. I wanted to make something healthy and also tasty for my kids. They were also bored eating the regular food. But I did not want to serve the usual maggi  which they would have had without any complaints. So I thought of making some vegetable cutlets or bread roll with some healthy vegetable filling. Continue reading “Tofu and spinach cutlets recipe – Spinach tofu patty for burger/sandwiches”

Tofu tikka masala recipe – Baked tofu recipes

       Tofu has become a favourite at my place after I started using it in Indian recipes just like we use paneer. I make it quite frequently as it is very healthy especially with high protein content. Inspite of all this , it is not as tasty as paneer. So I often marinade with suitable spices.Tofu absorbs the spices very well. I decided to bake  like we often do for paneer tikka. This really tastes delicious and if you are not too fond of tofu, try this recipe. I am sure you will start liking it. It makes a good starter or a snack even for kids. But I even dunks this baked tofu bits in a rich tomato gravy and really goes well with some nans or rotis. This is the best way to have tofu in my opinion. Continue reading “Tofu tikka masala recipe – Baked tofu recipes”

Tofu and mixed vegetable curry with chickpeas – Side dish for rice or quinoa

         Rice is quite tempting for us. But as we have been avoiding it as much as possible for quite sometime now and  have been using wholegrains in our cooking. I have mentioned this before and highly proteineceous quinoa is one of them. So I make tomato quinoa or lemon quinoa or some salad with it. The other day, I saw this recipe of a vegan side dish served with quinoa in one of the blogs, I quickly bookmarked it and made it very soon. I changed the ingredients to my convinience and taste. I loved the combination of tofu and chickpeas along with other vegetables. And everything dunked in creamy coconut milk simply enhanced the flavour of the whole thing. I just added sambar powder and so it was mildly spiced ,my family loves it that way. I served it with some cooked quinoa and it was simply delicious. I think I ate a lot that day. You can even serve this with hot rice or cumin rice. This is a very simple curry without a complex recipe and using healthy ingredients and as usual takes very little of your time. Continue reading “Tofu and mixed vegetable curry with chickpeas – Side dish for rice or quinoa”

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     Hello to all my readers after almost a month. I had a good trip to India.Lots of travelling and being with the loved ones gave immense joy and was so comforting and it was a welcome change from the routine activities. I know my number of posts every month had dropped already, then this break and I found it so difficult to come back to posting. It will be this way for a few more days till I come back to regular blogging, though I will keep posting every now and then. Continue reading “Eggless chocolate cake using Tofu – easy eggless bakes”

Red velvet cake With tofu frosting – Healthy version- easy bakes

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Tofu Masala – from edible garden

I am not too fond of tofu/bean curd , but I try to include it in my diet as it is considered to be a healthy soya product. I once made a spicy curry with it and it was just ok. Then I found out that it could be used a substitute for paneer. So I made Palak tofu once and that tasted really good. Then recently I came across paneer butter masala recipe– restaurant style in Edible garden where Nags had substituted paneer with tofu and I thought it was an excellent idea. I tried her recipe with some really minor changes and it tasted awesome. Thanks for the recipe Nags!! Continue reading “Tofu Masala – from edible garden”

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Tofu or soybeancurd is a highly nutritious food ,rich in protein and a good source of B vitamins, iron and calcium. It is low in saturated fats and contains no cholesterol. Continue reading “Spicy Tofu subzi – tofu recipes- Indian style”