Arbi Ajwaini- side dish for chapati recipe

Arbi or colocasia is one of the favourites at my home. But is prepared very rarely as I buy them only during my visits to indian shops. During the initial days of my marriage, my hubby used to say that his cousin sis makes the best arbi sabji. And whatever way I tried to make, it never was that good. Then during my recent visits to India, I met her and asked her the recipe for her arbi subji. And now I make it her way most of the times and my hubby is very fond of it. Thanks to…


Channa masala recipe – side dish for pooris

This is a all time favourite at my place and I make it quite frequently. When I was looking through my recipe collection I found a recipe for channa masala/chole which was a little different from what I make usually. So this time , I made it this way.It tasted different , was very tasty had a restaurant like and authentic taste to it. This is how I made.


Gobi manchurian recipe- indo chinese recipes

This indo chinese cuisine is an all time favourite at my home. This can be just had as a snack/starter or as a side dish with rotis, though I never tried making it at home. I actually wanted to make manchurian with baby corn, but somehow never found time for that. So today when I wanted to try something different with cauliflower, I thought of making this. Here’s the recipe for this.


Missi roti and panchmel dal –Rajasthani recipes

One good thing about food blogging is it makes me hunt for more recipes and try out those food which I never thought of making. Now for the RCI Rajasthan event, after googling and debating on what to make out of so many dishes, I settled on making Rajasthani dal and missi roti. So here is how I made them. Missi roti- Serve hot. Shahi ghatte is a good combination with missi roti. Rajasthani panchmel dal – (side dish for chapatis /rice)


Olan recipe -A kerala cuisine.

Our native place is Tirunelveli , a beautiful place in Tamilnadu. It is located very near to kerala. So we have imbibed many cuisines of kerala, one of them being olan made with pumpkin. Olan can be a wonderful side dish with rice and sambar.This is how I make olan.


Spicy Tofu subzi – tofu recipes- Indian style

Tofu or soybeancurd is a highly nutritious food ,rich in protein and a good source of B vitamins, iron and calcium. It is low in saturated fats and contains no cholesterol. I personally did not find it as tasty as paneer,especially the last time when I made minced tofu (similar to paneer bhurji). This time , I fried them and added the required spices. It sure tasted quite good .It makes a good spicy side dish for chapatis.


Microwave Paneer subji- quick fix menu- paneer recipes

I wanted to make something really quick and with whatever I had. So for the first time I made subji using microwave. This recipe is adapted from 100%microwave cooking though I made minor changes. It tasted nice. I did not have tomato puree, so used pizza sauce (which contained around 80% tomato puree and spices and herbs). Tomato puree must have tasted better. Serve with chapathi.