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pumpkin pasta

Pumpkin pasta recipe

This time I used pumpkin. Its a very simple recipe and can be done in a few minutes. This is also an interesting way to sneak in some pumpkin in your diet especially if you are a pumpkin hater. Many people I know hate pumpkin as they find it quite sweet for their taste. But in this recipe , you actually cant guess that there is pumpkin. Also cashews gives a nice creaminess to the pasta.


Chocolate banana oatmeal cookies recipe – easy healthy baking recipes

This is one of the most wonderful thing I have had in ages.They were really awesome. Morever they are low fat too. All ingredients used are quite healthy like the whole wheat flour ,oats, banana etc. Its better to use over ripe bananas for more sweetness. Lots of chocolate in the form of cocoa powder and semi sweet chocolate chips is used. You can refer options in the notes to make it eggless too. I have used raw organic sugar instead of brown sugar. They look so delectable too, isn’t it? That is the reason I was tempted to make…


Tomato Quinoa – Easy recipes with Quinoa

In an attempt to lose weight and get fitter after my surgery, we have been trying to switch over to healthier food and have been avoiding/reducing high carbs, oil and spice in our diet. My hubby has also been giving me company in this attempt. So we have been avoiding rice and taking more of whole grains and high fiber food. We went shopping to Mustafa especially for buying different kinds of wholegrains. Mustafa has been stocking every kind of food grains nowadays. You think of it and its there!!!So we got a few packets of quinoa, millet, beans,steel cut…