Zucchini brownies- low cal -eggless and butterless

Now, unlike before, green and yellow zucchinis are easily available in all supermarkets here. So I get to buy them quite often.I have been wanting to make zucchini and chocolate cake.I just loved this recipe which is a kind of low calorie one and healthy too. I have always used atta/whole wheat flour in my baking with good results. But really regret that I completely forgot to use it here and went ahead with the usual flour. Anyway I am going to do that next time. But the brownies were really good. Unlike many recipes which call for grated zucchini,…


Pasta pomodoro

We vegetarians have very few options at the pizza hut here in Singapore. But we are quite happy to note that they have added vegetarian pastas too from a couple of months. My son loves pizzas and pastas. Last time we had pasta with pomodoro sauce and mushrooms and he just loved it. It was all over in no time. Then we had pasta pomodoro at the pastamania too. My son loved it as usual, though I liked the pizza hut one better. So I thought of recreating this at home especially now when the term holidays are going on….


Yellow Zucchinii thuvayal/chutney

I love chutneys or thuvayals (as called in tamil) and regular readers know I have posted a quite a few of them here. I have not seen zucchini quite often in singapore , but am quite tempted to use them in my cooking and even bakingwhen I see them in several blogs. So I never miss a chance when I find them in the supermarket rarely and am looking forward to use them in chocolate cake, a recipe I saw recently in some blog. So this time, I made a chutney with this and it tasted really good with chapatis.


Zucchini Bread recipe

After baking the buns last time, I was a little disappointed because of the crust. And somehow I could not gather courage to play with the yeast again. I had bought a zucchini almost a week ago. This was the first time I bought it as it is not so common here and I was browsing for a recipe. I came upon this Shilpa’s(aayis recipes) zucchini bread and I was tempted to try this. Indeed, bread baking is certainly addictive. So I went ahead with the recipe and it came out really good this time.It tasted delicious and was quite…