Chapati laddoo recipe- A leftover delicacy

My sister had this at her friend’s place and she loved it. She told me about this , but did not know the exact recipe. As I tried searching through the net , I found the recipe in Aayis recipes. Incidently I had a few left over chapatis of the previous day and I made this yesterday. I followed almost the same procedure. It tasted really good.

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Chapati laddoo recipe- A leftover delicacy Yum
  1. Tear the chapatis into small pieces. Place in a hot oven(around 200c) for 15 to 20 minutes
  2. till they turn a little crisp. Now grind them to a fine powder. Combine this with jaggery
  3. and mix well. Now heat the ghee in a pan. Add the cashews. Now add the mixture of chapati and jaggery along with the cardamom powder. Keep stirring for sometime. Remove from flame. Place the contents on the plate. Add little milk in it and ensure that there are no lumps. Take some mixture on your palm and knead them into small balls(laddoos).
  4. My friend gave me another suggestion. Instead of heating them to make them crisper, you could just grind the fresh chapatis to a fine powder. Combine ghee and powdered jaggery in it and knead into laddoos. Heat if necessary.This is quite healthy and filling for kids too.
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45 thoughts on “Chapati laddoo recipe- A leftover delicacy”

  1. Sounds very unique and delicious, will definitely try this if I land up with some leftover rotis/ chappathis !

  2. what a grt way to use leftover chapathis! My mom used to stuff jaggery coconut and cardamom powder and heat the chapathis with ghee and make a roll. This sounds interesting in laddoo form!:-)

  3. I have this like a halwa ,same ingredients mixed together…ladoo sounds great. Will try next time when I some leftovers.

  4. Very very interesting. I have heard of poori laddus, but this takes the cake! Making them crispy using the oven is a great idea.

  5. Wow..what an innovation…I was just starring at my left over chappathis not in mood to eat it..goinu try this one 🙂

  6. my mom use to make this ladoo with puries great idea with left over roti s looks so so yummmmmmmmmm

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