Cheese cake – From sanjeev kapoor sweets and desserts book

Cheese cake was something which was in my to-do list for sometime now. I got the cream cheese couple of days ago , but never found time for this. Morever as I had never tasted this before, I was not sure what was expected regarding the texture and taste. But then last week, I got the chance to taste walnut cheesecake at a nearby coffee shop and I liked it. Though,I found it very sweet compared to the other cakes.

So,yesterday I baked a plain cheese cake for the first time and I got the similar taste and texture. It was good. I am planning to bake more of these with more ingredients. Also , I would love to try the cheese cakes which does not require baking.

This recipe is adapted from Sanjeev kapoor’s sweets and desserts book.

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Cheese cake - From sanjeev kapoor sweets and desserts book Yum
Course dessert
Prep Time 20 minutes
Cook Time 30 minutes
Course dessert
Prep Time 20 minutes
Cook Time 30 minutes
  1. Preheat the oven to 180c. For the crust ,mix together all the ingredients with hand and spread in a baking dish covering bottom and one inch up the sides. Set aside.
  2. Cream together cream cheese and sugar till smooth taking care that no lumps remain. Seperate yolks and whites of eggs carefully.Lightly beat egg yolks and mix into the cream cheese and sugar mixture. Stir in the essence. Using a whisk or hand blender , beat egg whites till they form soft peaks. Fold in the beaten egg whites into the mixture. Pour this mixture over the crust lined in the baking dish. Bake in the preheated oven at 180c for 20 to 30 minutes or till the centre is firm.
  3. Cool and refrigerate. Serve chilled with fresh fruits or glaced cherries.
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  1. Wow! Tempting a lot Ramya! Can i have a bite from it??!

  2. I love cheesecake and think it’s so easy to make.. your crust is very different from the usual ones.

  3. Looks very nice! And I am a great fan of cheesecakes…

  4. Mahimaa's kitchen

    looks mouthwatering sowmya.. good u r baking cheesecake and all.. i have never tried this.

  5. homemade cheese cake..amazing..looks great..

  6. cheesec cake looks great!

  7. Looks so nice sowmya! I love cheese cake n now I know the recipe through u… thanks girl! i am gonna try this sometime soon.

  8. Priya Suresh


  9. u r rocking now-a-days with ur cake recipe!
    looks superb!
    join in the savories event going in my blog

  10. Should I say, that Iam Drooling..lOOKS absolutely delicious!!

  11. What a fusionistic approach – serving on a plantain leaf! Love it!

  12. so mny cakes comin in ur blog…i ma lovin them all,..

  13. This looks so nice,and hey let me know when you post some cheese cakes(or any )that doesn’t require baking,i would love to follow you then,coz i am still waiting to buy an oven,so in meantime some stove top cakes or no bake cakes would be all that i could ask for 🙂

  14. Looks perfect and very tempting…


    I love cakes,looks tempting!

  16. I never made cheesecake at home. This looks lovely.

  17. Hi sowmya, first time here. Loved all the baked goods here! nice blog…

  18. That looks lovely! Happy holidays!

  19. Wow cheesecakes makes me drool. Looks yummmmmmmmmmmmmy.

  20. mouth watering! Love cheesecakes…

  21. Sukanya Ramkumar

    Cheese cake looks good. Nice recipe. YUM!

  22. One of the popular cake in US 🙂 Looks divine ur slice!

  23. Abilashini Sapthanaa

    Hey Sowmeeya,
    The case was awesome.. but that didnt raise at all.. as per ur instructions I did exactly the same… but the cashew crust didnt stick to the cake .. rather it was on the tray itself.. One doubt.!!! Are we supposed to first put the crust and immediately pour the batter and bake together or
    first heat the crust and pour the batter and bake the cake together.. please let me know.. the taste was awefully awesome.. but .. the crust disappointed me!!!! waiting for ur reply!!!!

  24. Sowmya Madhavan

    The cake does not rise in this case…The crust does disappoint you sometimes..try adding more of the ingredients…especially a little more butter to prevent from sticking to the cake tin..
    Or you can try different crusts such as digestive biscuits instead of do not have to heat the crust before..supposed to bake them together..


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