Chundal/sundal recipes for navaratri.

As you must have seen in my last post about navratri, I said I will be posting the recipes for them. So today , I will posting the recipe for chundal.

Chundal is a popular prasadam/offering for navratri in the south. Any kind of pulses can be used. The basic recipe is the same. You can make with chick peas, bengal gram, green gram, groundnuts. This time during navaratri , I made with chana dal, Black chick peas, kabuli chana and green peas.


1 cup Any pulses/lentils- (see list below)
1/2 cup Grated coconut
Coriander – finely chopped
can You use chickpeas(white or black),dried peas, rajma, karamani(cowpeas).
I have also made a chundal with channa dal with a slightly different procedure.
1 tsp Mustard
1 tsp udid dal
1 tsp channa dal
4 to 5 Red chillies
pinched Curry leaves- few
2 tsp Gingelly oil
to taste Salt


  1. Wash and Soak the pulses overnight till it softens(becomes tender).
  2. Drain the water if any. Wash again.
  3. Pour around 1 1/2 glass of water.
  4. Cook them in pressure cooker till it becomes soft.(around 8 whistles, depends on your cooker)Take care it does not get mashed.
  5. Drain the water completely.
  6. Heat oil in a pan.
  7. Add mustard, udid dal , channa dal and red chillies.Add curry leaves. Add the cooked pulses and salt and mix well.
  8. Add grated coconut.Mix well.
  9. Saute for another 4-5 minutes.(You can even cover and cook for 2-3 minutes, but take care ir does not burn at the bottom.
  10. Garnish with coriander.

Chick pea/kabuli channa/kondakadalai chundal

For channa dal /kadala parappu chundal,

Soak the dal only for 2 hours.

Cook in a preesure cook only till soft.(just one whistle) Take care it does not turn mushy.

Heat oil in a pan.

Add mustard seeds and udid dal.

When it crackles, add hing and curry leaves.

I did not add grated coconut here.(but you can)


  1. Garnish with coriander.
 I just squeezed in some lemon juice for a different taste.

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(Pictures for this post will be updated soon.)

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24 thoughts on “Chundal/sundal recipes for navaratri.”

  1. Hi sowmya,

    Looks like you have been busy the last few days. So many sundal’s out there isn’t it? Good to group them together under one post.

  2. Yummy sundals Sowmya..hubby is sad that I won’t be making sundals daily anymore..its such a nice ritual isn’t it?

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