Click- Urali – cookware of the past

Cauldron or urali or varppu made with 70%copper and 30%tin is a broad based cooking vessel with beautifully and symmetrically carved on the sides. This is one of the largest cooking utensil which was used during ceremonial occasions for preparation of milk sweets without the fear of getting burnt.

The ‘urali’ in the picture belongs to my grandmother who used to make the very popular paal paayasam(kheer), thiratti paal(sweet made with wholemilk,something similar to kalakand) and halwa. I was so very fantasized by its gold tint, the carves,and the antiqueness. Now this vessel proudly sits in the living room of my house exhibiting its beauty to the admirers.

I am sending(the first picture) this to the CLICK: metal event by jugalbandi (J&B).

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