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Kasuri methi baturas – easy indian deep fried bread

When I visited kailas parbat for the first time, something which really piqued my interest were their chole baturas. Of course, it was not the first time, I was coming across or having chole baturas. To tell you the fact, I have had the authentic ones during our stay in Delhi. I have devoured different varieties of them and have really enjoyed them to the core. But here in Kailas parbat, they had something different to offer.

basil pesto vegetable sandwich

Vegetable and pesto sandwich

As I already mentioned before , breakfast is definitely an important meal at our place. I try to make our breakfast quite filling, healthy and tasty especially for the kids so that they have it quickly and go to their schools without making much of a fuss. I make sandwiches atleast twice a week and you can also find yummy and interesting sandwich recipes here.


Whole wheat spicy foccacia recipe – easy bread baking recipes

Baking has not really been happening at my place lately. I had made this foccacia bread a couple of month ago with some soup. It was delicious. I have posted another recipe for foccacia sometime back. I had used all purpose flour. I had baked foccacia for the first time and it turned out really good. So the next time, I wanted to try it with whole wheat flour/atta. Foccacia is a very forgiving recipe and even beginners can try this bread recipe as it is not easy to go wrong with this one. After this attempt, I even tried…


Sundried tomato and onion foccacia – easy baking recipes for beginners

I had thought I would get more time during the kids holidays. Rather I have been busier than the usual days. The kiddo had a small mishap hurting himself. So I have been running around with him. All the yummy goodies I was planning to bake had to take a backseat, obviously the blog too. Its still not over and its just a few days left for the school to reopen. I am really tensed and just hope everything comes back to normal soon. Okay, coming to the recipe now, baking a foccacia has been in my list for a…


Whole wheat bread recipe – easy bread baking recipes

I really love baking bread and buns at home. Home made breads are always interesting to make and eat. Its healthier and creates opportunity for a wide number of options too. Saying all this, I make bread very rarely though I want to do atleast once a week. Its the time constraints and partly my laziness too. But when I saw this recipe , I wanted to try it totally as the recipe used whole wheat flour and the ghee and yogurt in it gave an Indian touch and flavour to the bread. I had the maximum portion of the…


Stuffed Aloo puri recipe – kids lunchbox recipes

Its definitely a challenge to cook for the kids. Its difficult to please them. But its so satisfying if they eat something so well, especially if we have put a lot of efforts cooking something for them. I have a tough time cooking for my 7 year old. He is my best food critic, definitely a tough job to please him and a happy “me ” if he gives me a thumbs up!! He usually loves the cakes I make, especially if it is chocolate. I often wonder about what to send for his school lunch time. He has his…


Broccoli paratha recipe – easy indian bread recipes

I do buy broccoli quite frequently, not because its a favourite at home. But as its quite healthy and we get really good fresh ones here that I am quite tempted to buy it everytime. Then I do wonder how to use it and mostly end up using it in a mix vegetable curry. Sometimes I make broccoli Manchurian or bake them in the oven with some spices coated on it or simply add them in some dal. Nowadays I try making stuffed parathas many times as its one way to sneak the vegetables into the kids food. So this…


Aloo ki roti recipe- potato flatbread- Indian bread recipes

My family loves parathas and I make atleast two to three different kinds every week. I saw this recipe in a cookbook, my sister had given me a couple of years ago. I make stuffed potato parathas usually and this recipe needed incorporating the potatoes in the dough itself. It was soft and delicious. Its easy to make too and a less messy too!!I hope you try and enjoy this one! Please click for Stuffed aloo paratha recipe. Notes-You can even fry them into pooris.


Dilkush buns/bread – eggless sweet buns recipe

I have seen the recipe for dilkush buns in so many blogs though I have never had it before. But I have always loved sweet buns, so I had bookmarked this recipe for years.I finally got to make it few days before. It turned out really delicious and we enjoyed biting into the sweet little fruits and the coconut in the buns. The aroma while baking is also just divine. I do want to make this again.I hope you enjoy it too!! Recipe Courtesy- Prema’s culinary