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purple carrot juice

Purple carrot juice- Gajar ki kanji

This is a spicy fermented non alcoholic drink made with purple carrots. The taste is absolutely different from any other drink you have had to date. It has a pungent odour and tastes sour. My family did not like it much though my hubby had a few glasses after it was chilled.


Masala tea – Masala chai recipe

I sometimes add cardamom powder, whole cinnamon or cinnamon powder or even lemon grass. I like the spicy taste of my tea and its quite soothing especially when you are having a cold or fever. Its quite refreshing and I especially love to have it after my nap.


Easy and quick pomegranate smoothie

I had made this smoothie few months ago when I had bought some pomegranates which were not at all sweet. My kids love pomegranate. But this particular variety which I had got from the supermarket were huge and looked juicy with a beautiful red colour. But they were not sweet at all. So I decided to make a smoothie. I and my hubby had it for breakfast . It was yummy and filling too!! It was a good way of using up the fruits.


Mango cardamom lassi recipe – easy mango recipes

We usually love to have salted buttermilk after dinner. Lassi is reserved during some rare occasions. But lassi with mango is inevitable during the season where mango is available in abundance. I had mango lassi for the first time when I came to Singapore. It has been my hubby’s favourite for several years. He never misses an opportunity to order this if it is available. I make this only with fresh mangoes every year. I rarely buy the readymade mango pulp. But somehow I have never posted it when I posted some delicious mango recipes every year. So I thought…


Hot chocolate drink mix recipe – Homemade hot chocolate powder recipe

As I said in my last post, days are getting busier, I dont find time to cooking anything apart from the daily routine. I often find it difficult to convince myself to try all those lovely recipes which I have bookmarked ages ago. I simply dont find time nowadays. But finally , last weekend, I decided to spend a few hours in the kitchen and I made a nice batch of this chocolate mix and a few chocolate muffins the recipe of which I will be posting soon. I actually wanted to make this immediately when I saw the recipe…


Avacado smoothie recipe – Sugarless and healthy

Avacado has become an essential part of our diet now. I buy it almost everytime I visit the supermarket. I usually make a salad with it. My hubby and me have add avocado smoothie a couple of times and we have really loved it. I wanted to try this at home from a long time. I made this last week during breakfast. A slice of bread and avocado smoothie kept us full almost until we had a light lunch later in the day. We did not even crave for mid morning snacks. I do hope you try this , you…


How to make tea- With jaggery -Gud ki chai- hot beverages recipes

Todays recipe is not a big deal , but definitely worth a post for tea lovers.I dont call myself a tea lover and have umpteen cups of tea each day. But I do begin my mornings with a hot cup of tea. As the mornings are really busy and always in a hurry to cook breakfasts and lunch and send the kids to school, I dont spend a lot of time making tea. But there are some mornings or sometimes even in rainy afternoons, I crave for some nice flavoured tea. I have it in leisure,bliss!! One of my friends…


Apple and dates milkshake recipe – Fruit milkshake recipes(low fat and healthy)

I have been playing with ingredients combining them to make some delicious milkshakes. Combining fruits with nuts or dry fruits have been the most popular thing. For instance, we had just loved the taste of almonds in my mango milkshake.So here I decided to combine dates with apples. Both apples and dates were sweet on their own,so we did not feel the need of any sugar in it. Dates have always acted as a natural sweetener in many recipes after all,even in some desserts.I will post such desserts sometimes. The recipe here is so easy.Its just about mixing all the…