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Baby corn rice recipe- Rice varieties

Everything has been slightly dull for the past few days as we all were falling sick one by one. It was really crazy looking after myself as well as the kids . I have not been cooking anything great. Naturally blogging took a backseat though I have been wanting to post a few recipes in my drafts. Coming to the recipe, rice varieties are a savior for many days when You dont feel like cooking anything elaborate, yet you feel that you have cooked something worthwhile as most of the the nutrients goes into this one pot dish. its easy…


Baby potato biryani recipe

Another rice variety which I wanted to make since a very long time as I am quite fond of the cute little potatoes. Biryani usually consumes lot of time and I was waiting for the opportunity and finally could make it last weekend. I used the similar recipe as I do with the vegetable biryani. But this time I added a green paste made with mint and coriander. Mint leaves imparts a wonderful flavour to the rice. Method- Wash the rice properly.


Palak pulao with paneer and peas- spinach rice with cottage cheese and peas

Rice varieties are a great saviour nowadays. Its becoming a little difficult managing the house chores along with the baby. But its fun too as I try to spend lot of time with the kids. So one of these days, I made this mixed rice variety when I was debating whether to make some cumin rice and palak paneer as a side dish. But with the little time I had in hand, I decided to combine both of them. It became easier to feed my kid too as he is a really fussy eater, and this way I could make…


Methi pulao / fenugreek leaves rice recipe

This is one delicious and healthy rice recipe I have been making for years together and we all love it.It is mildly flavoured with whole spices and is so easy to prepare by just putting together all the ingredients together in a single pot and cooking up a delicious meal for a family.It goes very well with some raita or flavoured curd and some papad and chips.It can be made a little spicier with some green chillies, but we all prefer it mild.Try it and you will enjoy this healthy meal!!


Soya chunks pulao

One pot meals such as pulao is something quite frequent at my place. I make it quite often with different combinations of vegetables or paneer and a tasty meal is ready in no time.A carrot or beetroot raita is enough to go along with it.. Its a complete meal especially when you add something nutritious such as soya chunks or paneer or even tofu. Even my kid enjoys it.


Raw mango rice/maangai saadam

A friend of mine used to make this and I have been wanting to make it too ever since she told me about this recipe. Infact I have been bookmarking so many recipes with raw mangoes and finally when I laid my hands on a huge raw mango, I was quite confused on what to make. I settled on making the tangy rice and reserved some to make the instant pickle which many call it as kalyanam oorgai(pickles served during tamil weddings). I will post it the next time I make it as I did not photograph it this time….


Masoor dal biryani

I started using whole masoor (red lentil) only recently after having it at a friend ‘s place. It is known to have high iron content and hence helps in builiding haemoglobin levels in the body. I used to make normal dal and have it with rice until I saw this recipe in Tarla dalal’s book of dal and lentils. The recipe is very interesting compared to the other biryani recipes. And the addition of unusual ingredients makes it even more interesting. We just loved it. Try it to believe it as I always say!! Recipe courtesy- Tarla Dalal’s dals and…


Thengai sadam/Coconut rice

I don’t make this very frequently because I rarely use coconut in my cooking which I know is unlike most of the south Indians. But we are quite fond of this variety of rice and just love the taste and flavour and the crunchiness imparted by the toasted coconut. I have always wanted to post this one, but never managed to do so. Thanks to the blogging marathon and my choice of rice, I could finally make and post this one. Today is the last day of the marathon and I take the opportunity to thanks Srivalli for organizing the…


How to make Vegetable fried rice – rice recipes–Indi chinese recipes

Indo chinese cuisine is so popular nowadays. I am no less and am fond of this cuisine too. I just love manchurian, noodles and fried rice among them. A common topic which arises when we discuss about this cuisine is about the use of mono sodium glutamate commonly known as ajinomoto. This crystalline salt is believed to enhance the taste of the indo chinese food. But recently , we have been hearing a lot of controversies regarding the use of this flavour enhancer. I just googled to find the reason and found some mixed opinions. Regarding the side effects, it…


How to make cabbage rice- easy and quick

I make varieties of rice almost with anything and everything, but am surprised that only a few have found their way to the blog. I hope to post more of them in future. This one is so simple and takes only a few minutes to make and goes well with curds or raitha.