Course: side dish

red chilli pickle

Red chilly pickle recipe

Garlic ,tamarind and jaggery is added to suppress the pungent fiery taste of the red chillies. But it is still very spicy. I love to have it with my curd rice , chapatis or dosas sometimes.

raw banana recipes

Banana stem stir fry – side dish for chapatis

My sister had once suggested to try a stir fry with it using onions and all. So when I got the stem last month, I decided to make it this way. It was spicy and delicious and it really tasted great with phulkas. We all enjoyed it and am sure I will making this again and again.


Pumpkin fibre thuvayal /pumpkin fibre chutney

Today morning, I was cutting a whole pumpkin for making olan. I had seperated the fibrous portion along with the seeds at the center and planning to discard it as we usually do. But my grandmom who is visiting us suggested that we could make chutney with it. This really impressed me and I immediately thought of doing a blog post.


Tofu in peanut and coconut gravy

This time decided to use peanuts and a bit of coconut milk for a different flavour. It definitely tasted delicious and went really well with the phulkas I had made for dinner. You can adjust the proportion of peanuts and coconut milk to suit your taste.


Mutter paneer recipe – No onion garlic tomato quick dishes

Hope you all(read tamilians) are celebrating the new year in a grand manner. I made a few delicacies too today.It would have been apt to post a payasam I tried today. But I have been working on this post since yesterday and with the little time I got, I thought of posting the same. Uploading and editing the pictures would have taken up a long time and as usual I would not have managed to do any post. A similar recipe was posted by someone in a facebook food group almost a year ago. It sounded too good and I…


Soya chunks sambar recipe – Side dish for rice

Its a long time I posted a indian recipe in this blog. It has been cakes and muffins and other desserts for a long time now. Its not that I make more of these baked things on a daily basis. Its just that I have a lot of them in my drafts for over a couple of months . As I don’t get time to post very often, it gets accumalating and the desserts are quite tempting to get an entry into the blog soon . But its actually, I cook this kind of healthy recipes everyday. I try to…


Matar ka nimona recipe- easy side dish for chapatis

A couple of months ago , I had accidently stumbled upon this recipe. I really liked the recipe. It was something different and had a uniqueness to it. I am always in a lookout for different side dishes for chapatis and this one sounded too good. Actually this is a traditional dish of Uttar Pradesh and is made during the winters as fresh peas is abundantly available that time. Actually, I have lived in northern India many years ago and I remember the beautiful, vibrant and the freshest vegetables available during the winter months. So actually there are lot of…


Tirunelveli ashgourd and curd curry recipe – Vella pooshnikai morkuzhumbu

I love some of the traditional Tamilnadu recipes especially their kootus and curries.I don’t make it very often as we have a very simple lunch of chapati ,curry, rice and dal everyday and for dinner , I make some kind of tiffin/snacks. But during weekends, I try to make some traditional recipes like avial or usili curry or poricha kuzhumbu which involves coconut and grinding of spices etc. A couple of months back when I had thesurgery, my dad had come here. He wanted to help me with cooking that time. I had then, recently got a traditional south Indian…


No onion no garlic chole recipe – channa masala recipe

In tam brahm cooking, onion and garlic is not used generally. Being in Maharashtra thorughout, I had developed a liking for marathi cuisine where onion and garlic is used in abundance. I believed that a food cannot become so flavourful without using these ingredients. Though I am not very particular about not using onions in my cooking, I try my best not to use them during festivals or when we have a religious get together especially not to offend the people who avoid it. I had made a mint pulao without using onion and garlic once for a get together…


Paneer and small onion in southindian tamarind based gravy – Side dish for rotis and rice

Whenever I make arachuvitta sambar or the paste for vathakuzhumbu , I always think of trying out a fusion variety with paneer ,mushrooms or tofu added into the same gravy /kuzhumbu. This would make a different and delicious side dish for rice and rotis. So I finally tried it one day and it tasted really delicious. I made it with paneer , but am sure you can add in some fresh mushrooms and tofu and some peas too. I had it with phulkas , but my hubby insisted that I make some steamed rice or cumin rice for this gravy…