Crochet cloth and a doily.

This are some of my crochet work. Do tell me how you like


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15 thoughts on “Crochet cloth and a doily.”

  1. Hi vani, thanks,if you need pattern of any of the crochet work(also which i will be posting later),,tell me,,i will mail you if i have them. some have been done long time ago.

  2. Thanks bicks..will do in my further posts and recent works.. Thanks priyanka for your encouraging words..

  3. Hi soumya…first time 2 ur blog….its beautiful…i appreciate all those people who do knitting n crochet coz it needs a lot of interest and dedication to learn that…hats off dear!Veda

  4. i love all of these ..i used to do crochet a long time back..the color contrast of the roses look very good..why don’t u teach us also thru this blog 🙂

  5. hi dear, first time seein ur blog n i jus liked it alot. i had tried learning crochet but was unsuccessful. In Goa, every goan girl learns this art & its a tradition that during marriage the girl takes along with her this crochet work n gives it as a gift to her new family.

  6. @Jaya- Thanks a lot ..its a long time I did crochet..your comments are inspiring me to start doing them again..

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