Eggless chocolate cookies and some appreciations!!!

Now, I am quite comfortable baking cookies, although , initially I had some problems and the cookies did not turn good. I realised my mistakes and now after correcting them the cookies do turn out almost close to perfect. I learn something new each time I bake them and the cookies are getting even better. So, I try to keep the snack containers full with such healthy cookies. For this one,I took some tips from Sailu’s christmas cookies.

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Eggless chocolate cookies and some appreciations!!! Yum
Course snack
Course snack
  1. Combine sugar and oil and mix them well. Add rest of the ingredients and make a dough. Add few drops of milk, if you find it too crumbly. Now make small balls with dough and flatten it a little. Place tutty fruity on the top.
  2. Place the balls on a baking paper on a cookie tray. Bake in a preheated oven at 180c for 15 minutes. Cool on a metal rack.
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44 thoughts on “Eggless chocolate cookies and some appreciations!!!”

  1. I saw so many cookie posts today and after this post I think I have bake a batch today! Thanks for eggless recipe Sowmya

  2. I too bookmarked sailu’s cookies page. Your cookies look soft and crunchy. Love to have them right now. Congratulations on the awards dear.

  3. nice looking cookies… one question though… how do u grind the oats? food processor?
    I like the healthy twist that you give to food 🙂

  4. Lovely cookies Sowmya..I love eggless cookies since I cant bring myself to add eggs to the cookie dough..dont ask me why..I dont know myself!!Sailus cookies are a hit,I’ve tried the tutti frutti one with custard powder..!!

  5. Cookies look tempting sowmya.. I’d love to bake eggless cookies, but i heard eggless cookies need addition of baking soda and i dont get it here:(

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