Flowers from Vani to vani!!!

I made this flowers with chart (card) paper according to the pictoral instructions Vani has given in her blog. I made them slightly bigger by rolling them on a skewer.

This flowers are being sent to Vani for her flower collection.

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  1. Illatharasi

    Oh my god :)Thank you forthose lovely flowers…. Good idea to do them big too… the vase with flowers looks extremely beautiful 🙂

  2. Cooking Station

    I bought 3 vases recently thinking of filling them with those lovely flowers..btw which paper did u use, they are shining..thought of teaching it to my son too he was excited when he saw Vani’s blog 🙂

  3. notyet100

    looks good,..nd nice idea of using chart paper,..mybe i will try this weekend…

  4. Nice creation’s…looking lovely

  5. Lovely and colorful flowers……The idea of using chart paper to make flowers is really good…..

  6. easycrafts

    lovely ones…

  7. hisowmya fromwhere u got chart paper mean which shop,..?

  8. They look super cool!

  9. Wow! How did you make those flowers? They look so pretty… you should teach them to us as well… maybe a video or intructions would be awesome if it is possible to share.

  10. Smart me! Just found the instructions! Failed to notice the link… how color blind can I get!


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