Greeting cards

I made these birthday cards for my hubby’s birthday. I realized that its real fun making cards at home for your family and friends and show how much you care for them. You can use your imagination and express your feelings in your own words.

In this card, I have cut the felt cloth to make petals and pasted them on card paper to make flowers of different colours.

I got the idea for this card from here. My hubby was so happy to receive this card from our son.

So do try making cards at home. Send me some tips to make different greeting cards. You can even send me the photos of your home made cards. I will put them in my blog if you are a non blogger.

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9 thoughts on “Greeting cards”

  1. Very good idea to make greeting cards at home dear. I m sure it will make the recipient more happy.

  2. love both the cards, sowmya, esp. the second one..very cute..I always make cards at home for my family memebers..I enjoy it

  3. Hi Sowmya, I found your website and saw your temple of heaven constructions kit. I was wondering if you could please send me the back plans for it (drawings). We could exchange, what do you think? I have 21 more models. Thanks and sorry. Nando

  4. All your craft works are very beautiful :). I tried opening your cookery blog several times. It got stuck immediately. Will try later 🙂

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