Happy Mothers day-eggless pomegranate yogurt cake recipe.

A very happy mother’s day to all the beautiful moms!!

“Mum is a rose whose petals are soft,

A lily whose stem is tall and strong,

A person who is never wrong,

A person who loves and is loved forever,

Trust her, believe her and never doubt her.”

Though I have never mentioned about my mom or my feelings about her neither in my blog nor to anyone, today being the mother’s day I decided to write something for my mother. I miss her so much ,especially today. I lost my mom few years ago.Sometimes I desperately wish my mom to be near me, I want to see her, touch her,talk to her, embrace her. But still ,though not physically,I know she is and has always been there with me in every moment of my life. She is there to guide me in whatever I do. I can feel her prescence when I am lying down alone, she sits besides me ,everything is so calm, but still I can hear her lullaby. She gives me all the energy to carry out all the chores during the day. She gives me the strength to overcome all the obstacles coming my way. I will always cherish the first twenty five years of my life when I shared all my happiness and sorrows of my life with my mother. I love you always ,Miss you,Amma!!!

Now, today as a mom, I decided to post a recipe of a nice delicious pomegranate cake for all the pretty moms. And also for my son laksh who has just begun speaking a few words now and wished me a happy mothers day in his own way:))

Eggless Pomegranate yogurt cake-

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Happy Mothers day-eggless pomegranate yogurt cake recipe. Yum
  1. Combine yogurt,condensed milk,canola oil and sugar and beat well. Then add the flour slowly to the mixture mixing well. Then fold in the pomegranate seeds and stir. Pour the cake batter in a tin and bake in a preheated oven at 180c for 50 minutes. Test with a skewer.
  2. Cool and the slice the cake.
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I am sending this post to

1. Ivy of Kopiaste who is celebrating mothers day in her blog

2.Shama nagarajan of easy2cook recipes who is hosting an event called mothers day special.

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  1. Happy Mother’s day to you Sowmya !Cake looks Yummilicious …Laksh must have enjoyed the cake….

  2. That’s a lovely tribute to your mother Sowmya. It made me cry as I also lost my mother and did not spend much time with her. She would be very proud of you and would love your cake so much.

  3. Happy mother day to you,Sowmya:)The Pomegranate studded cake looks fabulous:)

  4. Happy mother’s day to you and to ur momcake looks great 🙂

  5. Priya Suresh

    Happy Mothers day Sowmya..Cake looks scrumptious!

  6. notyet100

    very nice post,..and the cake looks yum too…

  7. Very true Soumya..All moms are precious! Happy mothers day to you too. The cake looks soft and delicious. Sure your son must have enjoyed it.

  8. Pomegranate seeds in the cake. sounds unique & sure it tasted divine. Happy mothers day.

  9. Mahimaa's kitchen

    cake looks very nice and doable for me.

  10. Premyscakes

    nice post and love the cake.

  11. I have never made cake with pomegranate, looks so fluffy cake and delicous.Happy Mother’s Day.

  12. Nice Post Souwmya. Very true about every word you have said. Cake looks delicious. happy Mothers Day.

  13. Happy Mothers day!love this cake – the popmegranate seeds look soo lovely in the cake

  14. Home Cooked Oriya Food

    Happy Mothers day. Cake looks good and without egg too… Wow!

  15. Happy Mother’s day to u, Sowmya..love ur post and the cakes looks yummy

  16. Lovely tribute to ur mom. Cake looks moist and addition of pomogranate make it beatiful.

  17. Taste of Mysore

    Happy Mother’s Day to you too. Eggless cake looks yumm

  18. Hi Sowmya,Wonderful way of celebrating Mother’s day with jeweled pomegranate cake 🙂 looks beautiful.Happy Mother’s day to u!TC

  19. This is really a yummy cake..! Happy mothers day!!

  20. happy mother’s day (belated wishes); your cake looks yumm and creative using pomengrenate 🙂

  21. Happy Mother’s day and what a pretty looking cake.

  22. Happy Mother’s Day and wonderful pom cake !

  23. Malar Gandhi

    Happy mothers day to you, cake looks yummm, can I have a slice, please…

  24. Ramya Vijaykumar

    Happy Mothers Day… Cake looks yummy, no eggs wow looks lovely…

  25. lovely cake,that too with pome:)nice one for mother’s day!

  26. Mothers are god’s wonderful gift,happy mothers day to u:)cake looks delish:)

  27. Prathibha

    Lovely cake…..

  28. wow..cake looks delicious..craving for that 🙂

  29. cake looks so delicious!

  30. Lovely cake … texture is so good.

  31. Varsha Vipins

    Post made me so emotional Sowmya..yummy cake..:)

  32. Happy Mother’s Day Sowmya. Wonderful entry 🙂

  33. ♥Rosie♥

    Such a lovely tribute to your mother Sowmya. Your cake looks delicious!Rosie x

  34. hey. i dont wanna upset you..bt i tried this cake with all d same ingrediants..and it turned out quite bad…there wasn’t any brown portion as seen in pictures..it luked undercooked though i baked it for pretty much time..


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