Hot and spicy onion soup

Feeling Sick, dieting or just hungry and looking out to snack???Just go ahead and have a bowl of soup. A nice hot cup of any variety of soup with the right spices down the pot , pepper, chillies ,ginger, garlic and vegetable stock…which leaves you feeling relaxed and full at the same time. The spices make the soup spicy and peppery to the right level which makes you feel great and soothes you up. Today I bring to you a new(new to me,atleast!) soup recipe.This is simple yet delicious and is ready in a matter of minutes and requires no blending. My sister came across this recipe in some magazine and then it has been regular for her. Catch up the recipe of this gingery, peppery Onion Soup.

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Hot and spicy onion soup Yum
  1. Toast the bread using butter. Cut them into small squares. Heat some butter in a pan. Add the ginger garlic paste. Add the sliced onions and saute till the onions turn golden brown. Now add the vegetable stock or water and allow it to boil along with salt, pepper and the bread slices. Then add the dissolved cornflour and keep stirring till it thickens. Add the green chillies and coriander. Serve hot.
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This soup is on its way to Sireesha of mom's recipes who is hosting soup and juices event in her blog.

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33 thoughts on “Hot and spicy onion soup”

  1. I am going to try this for sure! I remember a childhood friend who used to make this delicious soup. I never asked her the recipe back then. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Yummy and different kind of soup, sounds awesome will try this….Its interesting going through ur recipes..Thanks for sharing…

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