How to make Aviyal–South Indian mixed vegetable side dish recipe

      As many of them know that I hated cooking before marriage. Though I had made few north Indian cuisines , I never ventured on trying south Indian food. After marriage, my hubby who had not explored much of the north indian cuisines enjoyed the north indian food made by me. But I decided to learn some popular south Indian food. There were very few south indian dishes I liked, aviyal was one of them. I learned making this during my initial (trial and errors)days of cooking. And this was one dish which used to come out really well and hubby liked it too. Of course, now I enjoy cooking as well as eating most of the south indian food. I remember a funny incident too , that was when I was learning to cook south Indian food. Once I had made sambar ( so called,because I had added sambar powder in it), but it was so dilute that my hubby(who encouraged me always) when he came from office that day said “rasam was good today” and I told him with disappointment that it was sambar and not rasam. :((

As this is a popular dish in Kerala as well as Tamilnadu,there are various ways people make it . So here’s how I make it.

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How to make Aviyal--South Indian mixed vegetable side dish recipe Yum

side dish
Cuisine south indian
Prep Time 10 minutes
Cook Time 20 minutes
Course side dish
Cuisine south indian
Prep Time 10 minutes
Cook Time 20 minutes
  1. Curds-2tbspn
  2. Cut the vegetables into long slices( lengthwise). Boil them in a tamarind water along with salt and turmeric powder and asafoetida. Cook well.
  3. Combine coconut gratings, Jeera and chillies in a blender and grind into a smooth paste.
  4. Add this and curry leaves to the cooked vegetables. Cook till everything mixes well into a thick consistency. Add the curd. Mix well.
  5. Sprinkle little coconut oil on the top.Serve hot with rice and dal
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  1. Your aviyal looks wonderful…

  2. Swati Raman Garg

    hey sowmya how you doing…. avial looks so so tempting ya… perfect entry…

  3. it was same with me too….i was so lazy to enter into the kitchen before mrg…..since u have said so much …i will definitely try it out .

  4. From rasam-looking sambhar to aviyal today. You have come a long way girl! Good job.

  5. Nice recipe.. I have heard about Avial but never tasted yet.. must be tasted good.. 🙂


  6. Aviyal looks superb and splendid.Never tried till now…will try now….

  7. Love avial a lot, looks delicious 🙂

  8. i love it anytime with anythg.. lovely recipe..

  9. I love avial, it is something i really enjoy when i go back home.
    This looks superdelicious.
    Hi hi me too before getting married i didn’t do nothing in the kitchen, saying i will learn after mt elder sisters getting married :-)))

  10. thanks a lot,..SOWMYA for sending aviyal for the onam festival,..even i used to burn rotis when i started cooking in singapore after marraige,..ur post made me remember my days,..hppy weekend,..:-)

  11. nice recipe. i have made avial once, from a recipe book. will try this version soon. have bookmarked it.

  12. Nice recipe..I love avial.But hvent tried making it myself..Time to try..

  13. I have tasted aviyal many times but never made it myself. Thanks for the yummy recipe Sowmya.

  14. aviyal is such a comfort food .. looks lovely ..

  15. heheh…..I can imagine your disappointment abt sambar…so poor thing !! But on a brighter side now you have become a pro dear…always trying new and different things..Aviyal looking gud..I was thinking of same for the event 🙂

  16. wow sowmya this is my fav dish… urs looks so yummy…

  17. I love Aviyal, Your aviyal looks perfect to me…..

  18. srikars kitchen

    wow… my fav dish.. adai & aviyal is very gud combi… thxs for sharing…

  19. u read my mind…thanks for sharing..i wanted to prepare this for a long time now 🙂

  20. This is a favorite in my home. Lovely job, Sowmya.

  21. Hey, I too did Aviyal for the event 😉 Looks yummy!


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