How to make Puri masala/ Poori kizhangu – Potato Sidedish recipe

       I love the evening concept of tiffin coffee in Tamil nadu. The lunch is first meal of the day in most homes which is had as early as 10 in the morning.It is followed by a tiffin kaapi in the afternoon and then dinner in the night. This ritual was followed at my grandparents place in my native place and we children were forced to do so when we visited during the holidays. It was frustrating to have lunch in the morning when were used to breakfasts followed by lunch in the next couple of hours. But then I loved the evening tiffin kaapi where delicious snacks were made during the tea(kaapi) time.

  One such item made during those days was poori masala.Not that we never ate poori masala. It was made quite frequently for our lunch or dinner. But the sudden nostalagia of eating poori masala at that hour is extremely pleasing.

    Okay that is it. The potato side dish  is a popular sidedish made for pooris in the south. I had actually promised to post this recipe when I had posted this another potato side dishsome ages ago.

I usually make this for our weekend brunch when we get the time in leisure to enjoy this filling satisfying meal.

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How to make Puri masala/ Poori kizhangu - Potato Sidedish recipe Yum
Course side dish
Cuisine south indian
Prep Time 10 minutes
Cook Time 20 minutes
Course side dish
Cuisine south indian
Prep Time 10 minutes
Cook Time 20 minutes
  1. 1.Cook the potato in a pressure cooker till soft. Peel the skin and mash it with a fork.
  2. 2. Heat oil in pan. Add the mustard seeds, udid dal and channa dal.
  3. 3. When it crackles, add the curry leaves ,ginger and green chillies. Saute for a minute.
  4. 4. Add the onions and saute till they brown a little.
  5. 5. Add the turmeric powder and salt.
  6. 6. Add a glass of water in this and allow it to boil.
  7. 7. Add the mashed potatoes. Mix till everything combines together.
  8. 8. Take the besan in a small cup. Add water to it and mix well. Pour this mixture to the curry.
  9. 9. Mix well and cook for another 5 minutes till it thickens.
  10. 10. Remove from flame.
Recipe Notes

 Serve hot with some hot puffy puris. 


Notes- You can skip the besan if you want.

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  1. That poori n masala is so yum …I wish I can grab n eat

  2. love to have for weekend brunch..looks yumm

  3. Shama Nagarajan

    yummy masala..

  4. Premalatha Aravindhan

    Amma makes pori for evening tiffin,we will enjoy after. School:) delicious masala…

  5. It was the same at my grandparents’ too. My routine changes completely even now when I visit them but like you said, I quite like eating tiffin around 3 in the afternoon.

  6. jeyashrisuresh

    Me too make in the same way, love it anytime

  7. looks mouthwatering…just delicious!

  8. This is my favorite combination with puri, yours looks beautiful. Love the pics 🙂

  9. Priya Suresh

    My paternal grandma prepare her poori masala this way.Inviting.

  10. Lovely, i too recently posted a version without potato. now i feel like having with potato after seeing urs:)

  11. Home Cooked Oriya Food

    creamy and yummy potatoes… thanks..

  12. Ms.Chitchat

    Tasty puris, love this combo, can have this any time.

  13. Yumm! Perfect for pooris!

  14. nice clicks,, looks delicious.

  15. Gayathri Sathyanarayanan

    good clicks and nice presentation


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