How to make spiced paneer

       During one of our get togethers at a friend’s place , she served some grilled paneer which tasted great. Since then it has become a regular at my place. I quickly marinade some paneer with curd and spices and later grill them  whenever I feel like. This seems to be a quick option nowadays.

        And recently when I saw the spiced paneer recipe in preeti’s blog, it sounded quite interesting. And when served this way makes a good and delicious starter during parties, an absolute delight for paneer lovers like me!!

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How to make spiced paneer Yum

  1. Boil the milk. Add the coriander, cumin powder and red chilly flakes. Now add the lemon juice stirring simultaneously. The milk will coagulate/curdle. Now place a strainer on a large steel vessel. Line the strainer with a muslin cloth. Now pour the curdled milk over the assembled strainer. The liquid portion which is collected below is called whey. Tie a knot to the cloth by squeezing out the excess liquid. Let it remain on the assembled strainer. Place some heavy weight object on the top. Let the water drain completely for around 1.5 to 2 hours. You can place the block of paneer in the refigerator.
  2. You can use the spiced paneer just as you use the regular paneer. What I did was, I cut them into cubes, sprinkled some salt and left it for 30 minutes. Then I placed them on a hot tava/girdle , drizzled some oil on the sides, roasted them till they were a golden brown in colour.Sprinkle some red chiily powder and chaat masala if you want. You can serve this as a starter along with some ketchup.
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  1. Sandhya Hariharan

    Absolutely creative… Sowmya!!I m loving it…

  2. wow!!!..thnx so much for sharing it with us dear… new to me and sure gonna try 🙂

  3. Hari Chandana

    very innovative.. looks spicy and tempting.. thanks for sharing !!

  4. Taste of Mysore

    Paneer looks yummy Sowmya. It is a very creative way of making spicy n tasty paneer 🙂

  5. U know I did the same thing too…didn’t add chili flakes …:)…I just love this one

  6. sanjeeta kk

    Lovely variation in paneer. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Ms.Chitchat

    Interesting spiced paneer. Beautiful illustration and sure to make at home. Thanks for sharing.

  8. I have tried it from another blog (I think its Raaga’s). The spiced paneer idea is great isn’t it.

  9. Hamaree Rasoi

    I simply love this spicy paneer. Would love to try this soon. DeepaHamaree Rasoi

  10. wow its gr8 recipe …very creative one dear …thanks for sharingSatya

  11. Shama Nagarajan

    new one dear…thanks for sharing

  12. i 2 make it sometimes..almost in the same it!

  13. Looks delicious…I tried making this a long time back but the chillies and garlic I used would just float to the top. Maybe I did not give the paneer a good swig. Will try this since I make paneer almost every day.

  14. Sanyukta Gour(Bayes)

    looks lovely…made some yesterday for paneer tikka…lovel the flavors….and fresh paneer…lovelyHope in particpate in my ongoing event A visual treat.. Looking forward to ur entries…also I m starting guest post from sept which i wil featuredifferent blogs …if u would love to add to my guest list, just mail me a postfeaturing ur blog,ur name,likes,dislikes,hobbies,abt u and a recipe toshare with all with pics…and i wil post it @ my space..thankssana

  15. Vanamala Hebbar

    My fav … nice one

  16. Ramya Vijaykumar

    DEfinitely a nice way to make paneer!!! sure will make the dish tasty and flavorful!!!

  17. Looks delicious and very inviting!

  18. Krishnaveni

    interesting twist in paneer, loved it

  19. First time to your blog.. Love your recipes.. 🙂 Spicy paneer looks great.. will sure try this..

  20. Priya Yallapantula

    wow, that has come soooooooooo well. Would love to try it out some day.

  21. very innovative.. looks spicy and tempting.. thanks for sharing !!

  22. Home Cooked Oriya Food

    looks yum! love it…

  23. Wow…. really superb…. just love to try it….

  24. I recently saw this spiced paneer in one of the magazines. Good effort Sowmya!

  25. Torviewtoronto

    these look delicious

  26. wow..looks great, Sowmya..nice recipe, dear..I’m blogging from this blogIndraniRecipe Junction(

  27. Interesting recipe, Sowmya….

  28. I love spicy paneer, it’s been a while though since I made this but thanks to u, now next lot of paneer will be spicy one…

  29. jeyashrisuresh

    ooh very nice and spicy paneer.nice idea.

  30. delicious paneer,..will try this

  31. Deepti Pawar

    This is a definitely interesting creation! Will make great paneer tikka due to the incorpotated spices!

  32. mickeydownunder

    Thank you for inspiring me to make Spiced Paneer for the first time! Your photos were words of encouragement too! This came out GREAT and I in turn created a Spicy Paneer Salad.Here are the photos should you wish to view:! Joanne

  33. Loved it


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