Ingredient: basmati rice

Methi pulao / fenugreek leaves rice recipe

This is one delicious and healthy rice recipe I have been making for years together and we all love it.It is mildly flavoured with whole spices and is so easy to prepare by just putting together all the ingredients together in a single pot and cooking up a delicious meal for a family.It goes very well with some raita or flavoured curd and some papad and chips.It can be made a little spicier with some green chillies, but we all prefer it mild.Try it and you will enjoy this healthy meal!!


Soya chunks pulao

One pot meals such as pulao is something quite frequent at my place. I make it quite often with different combinations of vegetables or paneer and a tasty meal is ready in no time.A carrot or beetroot raita is enough to go along with it.. Its a complete meal especially when you add something nutritious such as soya chunks or paneer or even tofu. Even my kid enjoys it.


Masoor dal biryani

I started using whole masoor (red lentil) only recently after having it at a friend ‘s place. It is known to have high iron content and hence helps in builiding haemoglobin levels in the body. I used to make normal dal and have it with rice until I saw this recipe in Tarla dalal’s book of dal and lentils. The recipe is very interesting compared to the other biryani recipes. And the addition of unusual ingredients makes it even more interesting. We just loved it. Try it to believe it as I always say!! Recipe courtesy- Tarla Dalal’s dals and…


Tendli baath or ivygourd/kovakkai rice/tindora chawal recipe

Again, this one has been in my drafts for a long time and when I write this I feel I really have to gear up myself and come back to serious blogging. There has been no proper cooking (only the usual routine food) , no baking and no taking pictures for a while now. I got a new camera and I still have to learn and experiment with it. First having guests was an excuse (well , that is true), but now its laziness or I do need a break now. But now its high time I do something about…


Vegetable Biryani- Restaurant style

I did not know the difference between pulao and biryani around two years back when I was learning to cook. Then I learned that, in biryani , the rice is cooked seperately and then mixed with the other ingredients and spices. The first biryani , I tried making was with chole/chickpeas, the recipe I adapted ,found here. Then I tried with the vegetables and came out really good. I followed the same recipe with some changes. Now I make this quite frequently. Its a little time consuming process, but worth all the efforts.It gives a typical restaurant effect. I usually…


Navrathna pulao recipe – mughlai rice recipe

This is a mughlai variety of rice which is quite rich and delicately spiced. I took the recipe from Tarla dalal’s joys of vegetarian cooking. It tasted great and the aroma was simply superb and the frangrance lasted for a long long time. Certainly will be liked by people who enjoy less spicy food.


Tofu pilaf / tofu rice recipe

I had bookmarked many recipes with tofu, but never manged to make any of them. After a long time, I decided to make pulao/pilaf with the tofu I brought sometime ago. I took the basic idea for the recipe from here. Tofu is rich in protein. It consists of around 42% protein or a half cup serving of firm tofu has 10.1 gms of proteins. I have another tofu dish called Spicy tofu subzi in one of my old posts. Spicy tofu subzi and tofu pilaf goes to “protein rich healthy food” a monthly event hosted by Sangeeth.


Carrot rice recipe – easy rice varieties

I just love making anything with carrots. Rice with carrots is something I make quite frequently. I make so many varieties of rice each day ,but never thought of posting a single one in my blog. Carrot rice is a healthy recipe especially for kids. Carrots gives a beautiful colour to the rice and makes it so delectable.