Ingredient: carrot

Healthy Aloo channa chaat recipe

Chaat is a favourite at home. We all enjoy it and I do try to make it quite often with whatever ingredients I have in hand. So there is nothing of a compulsion except for a few ingredients which are readilly available. You can just proceed with whatever you have like puffed rice, store bought chiwda, sev,boondi, peanuts ,spicy dals. Mix them with onion and tomatoes. Pour in some sauces and chutneys and your chaat is ready.

Masala lemon rice

Masala lemon rice recipe

This is a very easy recipe and its my go to recipe whenever I don’t have much time for cooking. This does not really require any side dish as such though you can serve a side dish of your choice if you like it that way. Papads or chips should be a good choice to serve with too!


Tamil new year/chithirai vishu recipes – Menu ideas for tamil new year/chitra vishu

Chithirai vishu or tamil new year is on 14th of april. I have compiled a few recipes whch you can try making on that day. Usually, at my place , also because its not a holiday, I don’t make an elaborate lunch. I usually make a rice variety with some sweet. So you can plan your menu according to the availability of time and the consumption. Simple tamil lunch idea- Click on this link for a simple lunch idea which you can make on the chitra vishu day. Also see a small description of chithirai vishu. You can also make…


Paneer paratha recipe – Kids lunch box recipes

We love paneer and parathas with paneer has become by son’s favourite when I made this a couple of days ago.He asks me to make this quite often. Its actually quite easy to make , filling and healthy too. Now as the school starts, I am often in a fix what to give in the lunch box. Parathas does makes the best school lunch box recipe. You can even cut them to triangles making it easy for your kids to eat. Place them in the lunch box wrapping them in aluminium foil or a tissue paper so that it doesn’t…


Oats dal khichdi recipe- Oats recipes

As I have already posted some oats recipes by replacing the usual rice in the recipe, this is another recipe where oats occupies the place of rice in the popular dal khichdi. As its gets quite boring eating sweetened oats or with salted buttermilk, its sometimes nice to spicen your oats and believe me its quite delicious.Also a small portion of it is quite filling, so take care that you dont make this in excess like your rice khichdi. Morever such recipes with oats should be enjoyed hot and fresh. Because if you keep oats for a long time, it…


Carrot halwa blondie bars recipe

I had got some beautiful red carrots which are quite popular in delhi to make some gajar ka halwa. I was suddenly reminded of this blondies which I had loved at the first sight and had bookmarked it. I got enough time to prepare during the long weekend. They were so good and it had the taste of carrot halwa. My hubby said this was one of the best cakes I have made. I am glad I finally tried this one and am sure to make this again!! Recipe Source (Thank you)- Panfusine & Tasty Treats


Carrot cabbage salad/raitha/Koshimbir

After ranting in each of my posts on salads about including it in our daily menu, I have finally managed to do so successfully to some extent. So this is one method which I have tried with various vegetables and we have been liking it a lot. I had had this cabbage koshimbir for the first time in a get together at a friend’s place who is a Maharashtrian. I had promptly taken the recipe that time though I took ages to make it.The important inclusion in this are the peanuts which gives a nice nutty taste to the salad….


Carrot apple pulp drops

This recipe is totally inspired from the carrot cookies I had baked a few years back from Usha’s veg inspirations. As I had reserved the pulp from the juice I made,I did not have the heart to discard it and I wanted to bake something of it so that I can serve it along with breakfast. I used a slightly different recipe incorporating a large amount of the pulp and raisins so that I could get some chewy breakfast bars kind of thing. To be more precise, they resembled scones or muffins.We all loved it. I even had a few…


Carrot apple juice

Though I would prefer to eat fruits as it is,sometimes its just nice to combine a few fruits together which go well with each other to create another interesting taste. Thats what happened when I had a large stock of carrots and apples and I decided to make this one. As the apples were really sweet, it required very less sugar.It also gave an immense satisfaction of sneeking in some raw carrots which otherwise is not so frequently consumed as a salad at my place!!


Carrot Cake

I did not bake anything for almost a year and now I have a huge number of bookmarked recipes in my list. I have been longing to bake the classic carrot cake and looking for a good recipe. As I am not too keen in using butter for my cakes, I decided to follow the recipe in my mini cookbook.I really loved the flavour of the spices added to this cake. The cake was very spongy, light and very moist.The usual cream cheese frosting would have been really good, which I plan to do the next time I bake this…