Ingredient: cherry tomato

chickpea salad

Tangy Chickpea salad

I think the least number of recipes are posted under the “salad”cateogory of my blog. I do make salads regularly though not everyday. My kids like to have chopped raw carrots almost everyday or I make raita/pachadi with different veggies. But eating vegetables in raw form almost everyday is not […]


Tofu and mixed vegetable curry with chickpeas – Side dish for rice or quinoa

Rice is quite tempting for us. But as we have been avoiding it as much as possible for quite sometime now and have been using wholegrains in our cooking. I have mentioned this before and highly proteineceous quinoa is one of them. So I make tomato quinoa or lemon quinoa or some salad with it. The other day, I saw this recipe of a vegan side dish served with quinoa in one of the blogs, I quickly bookmarked it and made it very soon. I changed the ingredients to my convinience and taste. I loved the combination of tofu and…


Avacado pasta salad – easy and healthy avacado recipes

First of all ,my apologies for a late post. But this is going to be regular because I am terribly busy especially with kids. So do kindly bear with me for sometime and also do mail me what kind of recipes you would like to see in this space. Lately I have been concenterating on low fat and healthy recipes. So avocado has been a regular thing in my cooking. It has lots of health benefits. I usually make the salad sans the pasta. We have it as an extra side dish or a filling in sandwiches. But this time,…