Ingredient: coconut milk

Vegetable stew for idiyappam.

I always wanted to have this when I saw them in menu cards in the Indian restaurants. But my hubby used to dismiss the dish saying that I won’t like it. So this way I had never tasted until my last trip to chennai when my sister in law ordered it for a breakfast. And I simply loved it. Since then I always wanted to try this combination at home. But I never managed to buy the press for idiyappam. But finally , I found a instant idiyappam packet at the Indian stores and bought it immediately. So I made…


Olan recipe -A kerala cuisine.

Our native place is Tirunelveli , a beautiful place in Tamilnadu. It is located very near to kerala. So we have imbibed many cuisines of kerala, one of them being olan made with pumpkin. Olan can be a wonderful side dish with rice and sambar.This is how I make olan.