Ingredient: Cumin seeds

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Banana stem stir fry – side dish for chapatis

My sister had once suggested to try a stir fry with it using onions and all. So when I got the stem last month, I decided to make it this way. It was spicy and delicious and it really tasted great with phulkas. We all enjoyed it and am sure I will making this again and again.


Matar ka nimona recipe- easy side dish for chapatis

A couple of months ago , I had accidently stumbled upon this recipe. I really liked the recipe. It was something different and had a uniqueness to it. I am always in a lookout for different side dishes for chapatis and this one sounded too good. Actually this is a traditional dish of Uttar Pradesh and is made during the winters as fresh peas is abundantly available that time. Actually, I have lived in northern India many years ago and I remember the beautiful, vibrant and the freshest vegetables available during the winter months. So actually there are lot of…