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raw banana recipes

Banana stem stir fry – side dish for chapatis

My sister had once suggested to try a stir fry with it using onions and all. So when I got the stem last month, I decided to make it this way. It was spicy and delicious and it really tasted great with phulkas. We all enjoyed it and am sure I will making this again and again.


Pumpkin fibre thuvayal /pumpkin fibre chutney

Today morning, I was cutting a whole pumpkin for making olan. I had seperated the fibrous portion along with the seeds at the center and planning to discard it as we usually do. But my grandmom who is visiting us suggested that we could make chutney with it. This really impressed me and I immediately thought of doing a blog post.


Corn dhokla recipe – easy snacks recipes

I had made this some ages ago for an evening snack and we had gorged on it and loved it.I buy corn many times as my kiddo likes it. But I often forget about it leaving it in the refigerator perhaps for a fortnight. It happened this time until I finally thought of making bhutte ka kees. But thinking of the meagre amount it will be after all the process, I dropped the plan and thought of making this dhoklas. I referred to a number of recipes in the net. Nothing special about the recipe, its almost same as we…


Instant rice flour vadais – Indian deep fried snacks

I made them during the tamil new year this year.I usually dont cook a elaborate meal nowdays. But the festivals are something special and serves as an perfect excuse to serve a grand meal. However due to the lack of time in my everyday schedule, I was not prepared to cook anything elaborate. So I had not soaked lentils to make the authentic medhu vadai. But I worked really fast that day and found ample time to make some payasam ( recipe of which I will be posting later) and instant vadais. I found the recipe for the vadaishere. It…


Soya chunks sambar recipe – Side dish for rice

Its a long time I posted a indian recipe in this blog. It has been cakes and muffins and other desserts for a long time now. Its not that I make more of these baked things on a daily basis. Its just that I have a lot of them in my drafts for over a couple of months . As I don’t get time to post very often, it gets accumalating and the desserts are quite tempting to get an entry into the blog soon . But its actually, I cook this kind of healthy recipes everyday. I try to…


Millet (kuthiraivali) dhokla recipe – Easy snack recipe

If you are a regular reader here, I have mentioned before that I make use of millet once or twice a week.Thanks to blogging that I have actually come to know about this important healthy ingredient. I mostly make upma or use instead of rice in a rice variety. But seeing other blogs , I also decided to be more creative with this ingredient. I have been making alot of dhokla varieties off late and so decided to make the same with millet too. We all loved it. Its not as spongy as the regular dhokla. Its also a bit…


Sandwich dhokla recipe – Easy and quick snack recipes

Days are getting busier as the school starts.Keeping track of the kiddo’s studies and other activities takes a good amount of time, though I enjoy that too.Its good to take interest in every phase of life.But blogging becomes slower. I started writing this post yesterday and I am still doing it today morning. I usually make tiffin/ snacks for dinner. I cook rice only for the kids. I and my hubby prefer something light. So one of this days, I made this sandwich dhokla. I had bought a readymade packet of this kind of sandwich dhokla years back which I…