Ingredient: flax seed

Eggless whole wheat almond cookies – easy eggless cookies recipes

Its almost 5-6 months now and today I finally decided to post. Things keep me busy,and when I do find time, I cant bring myself to do the process of clicking, editing and publishing the pictures and the posts. It seems like a elaborate activity. Though I keep getting kind enquiries from my friends and bloggers about why I am missing in action nowadays. So finally I decided to leave all my priorities behind and publish a post. Cooking has been happening , but not much of baking. So perhaps when I start blogging , I will restart baking too.


Banana chocolate loaf and an interesting food!!

This cake was a result of a ripe banana which is not a frequent thing at our place as we all love bananas and it gets over before it even starts riping. So this time, when I had one I decided to bake a cake as it was a long time I made a banana cake. I have tried an eggless cake and one with eggs before. So this time, I decided to combine banana and chocolate. I have used an egg and also flax seeds powder and the result was beyond expectations. The cake was soft and chewy like…


Eggless Dried figs cake

This is another healthy cake I made for my kid for his evening snack few days ago. I have been trying out egg substitutes and here I have used flax seeds for the first time and really worked well. Flax seeds has lot of nutritional benefits including a lot of fiber. You can see more about it here. The dried figs imparts a natural sweetness to the cake including a nice crunchy texture. Using atta has always been appealing to me. And I added oats too. So how much more healthier can it get? The cake was really very good…