Ingredient: jaggery

red chilli pickle

Red chilly pickle recipe

Garlic ,tamarind and jaggery is added to suppress the pungent fiery taste of the red chillies. But it is still very spicy. I love to have it with my curd rice , chapatis or dosas sometimes.


Arisi thengai payasam recipe – rice coconut payasam – easy Indian dessert recipes

When I had posted the instant rice flour vadais, I had mentioned that I had made a payasam during the tamil new year. I thought of posting about it today.This kind of payasam with coconut was not made at my place as far as I remember. But I once had this at my friend place during some occasion a couple of years ago. It was simply awesome. But after that I never thought of trying it at home nor I got a chance of having it again. But I was looking for some payasam recipe which I have never tried…


Dates tamarind chutney recipe- sweet chutney recipes for chaats

I try to make chaat for dinner once a week. My family simply love that day and look forward for it. I do try to make it healthy like using moong sprouts or chickpeas with loads of vegetables like grated carrots or cucumber. But the sweet chutney is mandatory even if its healthy or just junk. I usually make the sour or khatti chutney as it is called by just adding tamarind and jaggery. But I decided to use dates in my chutney for the sweetness and reduce the quantity of jaggery in it.I used a quarter cup of jaggery…


Paneer and small onion in southindian tamarind based gravy – Side dish for rotis and rice

Whenever I make arachuvitta sambar or the paste for vathakuzhumbu , I always think of trying out a fusion variety with paneer ,mushrooms or tofu added into the same gravy /kuzhumbu. This would make a different and delicious side dish for rice and rotis. So I finally tried it one day and it tasted really delicious. I made it with paneer , but am sure you can add in some fresh mushrooms and tofu and some peas too. I had it with phulkas , but my hubby insisted that I make some steamed rice or cumin rice for this gravy…


Sweet ragi appam recipe – Ragi paniyaram – Prasadam for Ganesh chathurthi

“A very happy Ganesh Chaturthi to all the readers of Creative Saga. ” I was thinking of posting this one atleast a few days before the Ganesh Chaturthi , but other priorities kept me away from blogging. But anyway with so many festivals approaching, you can try this one sometime.I actually made them during Janmashtami. Alternatively, you can also make them for your breakfast or your evening time snack. Its quite healthy and so you can make them once in a while for your kids too as they are really delicious!! I have used just some sprouted ragi flour without…


Raw mango curry- Kairi/ aam ki subji – Easy side dishes with raw/green mango recipes

Remember our south Indian mango pachadi. I made it during the tamil new year this year. I turned out so delicious , so good that I just had a bowl of it as a dessert. I wanted to make it again and post it here, but never found the time for it. But that day I was also reminded of the raw mango curry which was actually served in our office canteen during the mango season. I used to love that one with hot chapatis and thought of giving it a try. We loved it. Do try it for a…


Kothavarangai puli kootu- Cluster beans tamarind gravy- South Indian lunch recipes

I love cluster beans. I find this frequently nowadays, thanks to the Indian grocery shops which have opened nearby. Its much easier to get many fresh Indian vegetables every week rather than visiting little India once in a while. I usually make a stir fry adding onions and it makes a delicious side dish for chapatis. My mom used to make a kootu adding pepper, tamarind and jaggery. I loved that. Here I have used a similar recipe I found in meenakshi ammal. I made it as a side dish for rice and sambar.


Drumstick Rasam recipe – Easy tamil lunch recipes

I have seen this drumstick rasam in several blogs , though it was never made at our place. After all the festivities, what we needed in the end was a simple comforting food. Thats when I though of making this finally. I followed the recipe in Meenakshi ammals cookcook, a book which has been with me for years, yet I had failed to notice this recipe. The recipe is quite similar to mysore rasam. It was quite delicious and we enjoyed it with some hot rice and potato curry. Serve hot with rice and some chutney or curry.


Atte ka halwa recipe – easy sweet recipes – food for kids

When I was young and watched the hindi movies with interest, I used to be quite fascinated with the concept of halwa puri in them and I really used to feel quite tempted with the combo. When in some early 90’s we moved to north india, an acquantaince made this halwa poori and shared it with us. The poori was good as always , but the halwa tasted a quite weird as we were used to the semolina kesaris till then. I never knew atta could be used to make halwa. I came to know about this very recently when…