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mango smoothie breakfast bowl

Mango breakfast smoothie bowl recipe

It feels so good to blog after a small silence. Last week had been busy and the couple of hours per week,I usually keep aside for my blogging work was utilized to create a new look for my blog. Yes, after reverting to a new hosting early this year, I […]


Mango kulfi icecream

Hello to all my readers. Good to be back to blogging after a very long time. But I have been working on my blog and still working on it. I am trying to make it more organised and more better to get motivated to be regular to blogging.Cooking has been going on and it has been full fledged healthy cooking. I do have some recipes in my drafts which I would like to get done with and then start working on other recipes.


Mango semiya custard recipe – Easy dessert recipes

I was having this recipe in my mind for a very long time. I was looking for a occasion to try it. we try to have low fat and simple food everyday and reserve special and rich kind of food for certain occasions or weekends. Finally, I got the opportunity to make it for a prayer get together. During the prayer, I just added some some mixed fruits and nuts and candied fruits and glaced cherries in the dessert. But I made it again the next day for my family, I decided to add mangoes in it and it tasted…


Mango cream popsicles recipe – kids food recipes

I have never been keen on making icecreams like this before.I did make make a few icecreams couple of times before , but I never could understand the science behind the addition of what kind of ingredients could make a perfect icecream. But after this one, I have been wanting to try more and more icecream recipes. I had got the popsicle moulds a few months back when my kid insisted to buy them. He himself used to pour some juices into the moulds and have them as such until I finally decided to use them in a proper way….


Mango icecream recipe (version 2) – No machine required

Though I have made icecreams a few times before, I have never been confident making it and I actually never quite experimented with making this frozen desserts. Its very rare at home when we have icecreams, that is only when the rare serious craving sets in. But one day, when we were returning back home from my son’s school, my friend said that she was planning to make icecream that day. She said she makes it many times and the result is always good. She told me a number of ways and ingredients she uses each time. Since then ,…


Mango cardamom lassi recipe – easy mango recipes

We usually love to have salted buttermilk after dinner. Lassi is reserved during some rare occasions. But lassi with mango is inevitable during the season where mango is available in abundance. I had mango lassi for the first time when I came to Singapore. It has been my hubby’s favourite for several years. He never misses an opportunity to order this if it is available. I make this only with fresh mangoes every year. I rarely buy the readymade mango pulp. But somehow I have never posted it when I posted some delicious mango recipes every year. So I thought…


Raw mango curry- Kairi/ aam ki subji – Easy side dishes with raw/green mango recipes

Remember our south Indian mango pachadi. I made it during the tamil new year this year. I turned out so delicious , so good that I just had a bowl of it as a dessert. I wanted to make it again and post it here, but never found the time for it. But that day I was also reminded of the raw mango curry which was actually served in our office canteen during the mango season. I used to love that one with hot chapatis and thought of giving it a try. We loved it. Do try it for a…


Mango kalakand recipe | how to make mango burfi — mango recipes

Mango burfi was on my to do list.I have had them a number of times from sweet shops in India and always loved the prominent taste of mango in them. Its years since I have had this kind of traditional sweets , so I wanted to recreate at home. I had one option of using khoya to make the burfi and also bought a packet of khoya during my shopping trips. But later I thought of incorporating the mango in my kalakand recipe which I have made before. I loved the result. It had a prominent taste of mango and…


Mango icecream recipe | Easy icecream recipes | No machine required

I have never really tried making icecream at home. Infact I buy it rarely too.My mom used to make icecreams at home,no fancy flavours and all. It used to be white in colour using whole milk and cake rusks etc. Thats all I can remember.We used to really look forward for it to set ,peeping into the freezer every now and then. I wish I had the recipe for that one. I would have made it today. I loved the taste. This time, I was tempted to make some mango icecream with the mango puree and condensed milk left after…