Ingredient: Plain flour/maida/apf

jam muffins

Jam swirled muffins recipe

It looks so appealing with the jam on the top and kids will surely enjoy them. So that day I decided to make the normal way without any healthy ingredients. I used all purpose flour and granulated white sugar. I used only half a cup of sugar and it was okay for us. There is sweetness of the jam too.


Eggless chocolate cake using condensed milk – easy eggless bakes

Its a long time now I posted a cake recipe. So I decided to do it today. I had made this cake for a friend when we visited her family during Navaratri. It was festival time , so I wanted to make it eggless. Nevertheless , I have been posting lot of eggless cakes nowadays as lot of readers ask for egg substitutes in the recipe with eggs. I have used condensed milk as the egg substitute and have not used any extra sugar apart from the condensed milk which was sweetened. The recipe I followed here was very similar…