Ingredient: Turmeric powder

Kasuri methi baturas – easy indian deep fried bread

When I visited kailas parbat for the first time, something which really piqued my interest were their chole baturas. Of course, it was not the first time, I was coming across or having chole baturas. To tell you the fact, I have had the authentic ones during our stay in Delhi. I have devoured different varieties of them and have really enjoyed them to the core. But here in Kailas parbat, they had something different to offer.


Tofu in peanut and coconut gravy

This time decided to use peanuts and a bit of coconut milk for a different flavour. It definitely tasted delicious and went really well with the phulkas I had made for dinner. You can adjust the proportion of peanuts and coconut milk to suit your taste.


Baked sweet potato fries – healthy snack for kids

Though I have tried better and interesting ways to consume sweet potatoes,especially by my kids, it really has not tempted us enough to make this in a regular basis. Years back , a friend had told me that sweet potatoes are really good for kids, like all moms, I am obsessed about feeding them to my kids. I buy them quite often. It lies in the refrigerator couple of days begging to be used and finally they get a chance. But this time , when I made this baked fries, it was enjoyed by us and kids equally and it…


No onion no garlic chole recipe – channa masala recipe

In tam brahm cooking, onion and garlic is not used generally. Being in Maharashtra thorughout, I had developed a liking for marathi cuisine where onion and garlic is used in abundance. I believed that a food cannot become so flavourful without using these ingredients. Though I am not very particular about not using onions in my cooking, I try my best not to use them during festivals or when we have a religious get together especially not to offend the people who avoid it. I had made a mint pulao without using onion and garlic once for a get together…