Jayashree’s microwaved potatoes and zebra cake revisited!!!

When I saw the recipe of this tandoori aloo snack in Jayashree’s blog, it surely sounded delicious. I had a bag of baby potatoes sitting in my kitchen for almost a week, so I decided to go ahead with her recipe. It was quite delicious and was over in no time. You can find the recipe in Jayashree’s blog under the name of tandoori aloo or Microwavi aloo as she calls it!!!I followed the same recipe ,just added a little chaat powder to the marinade.

When I made the zebra cake last time,it surely came out very nice.It was spongy , moist ,soft and tasted great. But I couldn’t get the perfect zebra stripes. Divya of easycooking asked me to use a smaller spoon to layer the cake batter in the tin. And this tip helped me and did the trick this time. When I tried the cake again yesterday, it came out really good and I got the perfect stripes. You can see the picture below. And the recipe for the cake here.

While on the sweet note, Divya has passed me the “blogging friends forever award.” Thanks a lot Divya. I am honoured to have a sweet friend like you.

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  1. Umm someone is becoming pro in baking man…wow! Cool job dear..cakes looks wonderful and so the baby potato…

  2. WOW looks gr8. Baby potatoes look welcoming so as cake dear.

  3. Yes.. the stripes are perfect in this version – Looks nice! 🙂 Potatoes look yum too.

  4. WOW beautiful and splendid Zebra cake sowmya.Looks like professional.

    Love microwaved potatoes too…

  5. You really are a born baker sowmi. The zebra cake is so professional looking. The potatoes look so mouth wateringly tempting too.

  6. iw as already impressed by ur first zebra cake,..alloo looks yum,..

  7. The cake and pototo are just superb 🙂

  8. The cake looks perfect and the potatoes look very inviting 🙂

  9. Thank you for trying out my recipe. Glad you liked it.

  10. lovely recipes Sowmya! Both of them look delicious and perfect.

  11. srikars kitchen

    wow… looks yummy & colourful… nice entry… thxs for shar…

  12. Very nice stripes,now it is my time to make Zebra cakes.Alu’s also look nice.

  13. You did it dear…zebra cake’s looking so pretty…and perfect stripes…thanks a lot for the mention;-)

  14. Hey appreciation for your cake in the form of award in my blog..pls collect it 😉

  15. Taste of Mysore

    Cake looks perfect!! atlast you mastered it 🙂 good job!

  16. Microwaved aloo looks really rasedar and yumm…..
    And zebra cake lip smacking…

  17. Happy Ganesh chaturthi! 🙂

  18. Perfect stripes on the cake. Good job.

  19. wow! yummy! the dish looking so good!
    Check out my blog for this moth event and do participate in it!

  20. Nithya Praveen

    The stripes in the cake is so prefect.I’ve been wanting to make this for long now.Will try it.Aloo…yummmmmmmy…simply love it:)


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