Kalakand recipe with paneer/chenna – easy and quick

After seeing cham’s ooey gooey sweet, I had fallen in love with it. Never knew the recipe was so simple. Cham has given many versions of the kalakand recipe. Later I saw it in LG’s blog and the version she had used sounded quite simple. So I decided to go ahead with that version. It came out really good and tasted great too. Pistachios would have been more appropriate for garnishing, but I did not have them. So I used almonds instead.

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Kalakand recipe with paneer/chenna - easy and quick Yum
Course dessert
Cuisine indian
Course dessert
Cuisine indian
  1. Boil the milk.
  2. Add vinegar or lime juice slowly.
  3. The milk starts curdling.
  4. Collect the curdled portion /chenna in a strainer.
  5. Wash it with running tap water.
  6. Drain the water.
  7. Heat a pan. Add the chenna and mix the condensed milk.
  8. Keep stirring it till it forms a thick mass and starts leaving the sides without sticking.
  9. Pour it in a plate. Allow it to cool. Cut into pieces. Garnish with almonds or pistachios.
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29 thoughts on “Kalakand recipe with paneer/chenna – easy and quick”

  1. woow that’s good to know tat you liked Kalakand. We are actually hooked to it now 🙂 Garnishing will not make much difference almonds also must have tasted great!

  2. mouthwatering sweet dish. first time here and all yr recepies are delsih, colorful and looks so creamy. love yr stuffs.

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