Maddur vadai – karnataka special recipe

I have tasted these vadais during my train journeys from Bangalore to Mysore. It used to taste really delicious,crunchy though a bit oily. I was looking for the recipe and I finally found it Jaya Shenoy’s Dakshin bharat dishes cook book. I made them this weekend and was really good.

I am sending this to Anisheetu who is hosting SWC karnataka this month.

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Maddur vadai - karnataka special recipe Yum
  1. Soak chana dal for an hour and then drain the water. Add the chopped cabbage and coconut gratings in it. Grind them together to a coarse paste. Then add sesame seeds ,green chillies and salt and mix well. Make small balls of desired size with the paste. Flatten them and deep fry. Serve hot.
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  1. thnks alotz for such sweet awards, madur vadai looks delicious,..will luv to eat with hot cup of tea….

  2. Vadia looking so gud..yes it does reminds our Indian train journey :)..Congrats for all the wonderful awards you receive and Thanks for passing to me 🙂

  3. Taste of Mysore

    congrats on your awards. Vada looks crisp n yumm..we call ambode in Mysore. Thanks for thinking of me for those beautiful awards, will pass it soon.

  4. The Maddur vadai looks so yummy and crispy, wish i could grab a bite..Thanks a lot for the awards, they really mean a lot to me

  5. Illatharasi

    Maddur vadai looks yummy:)

    So sweet of you to pass those cute awards to me… will post it tomorrow. Thanks Sowmi!

  6. Thanks a lot for those wonderful awards… vadai is looking very nice…

  7. Vadai looks too good!:-) Congrats on your awards.

  8. Vada looks crispy and yumm yumm….Good evening snack to have with garam chai.

    Thanks a ton dear for the cute awards:))

  9. maddur vadai is a new recipe for me! haven’t hear about it ever! so delicious! thanks for ur awards Sowmi!

  10. srikars kitchen

    The Maddur vadai looks so yummy and crispy..

    congrats on your awards.

  11. Chawanmushi

    Hi sowmya
    It’s a nice surprise from you.
    Thank-you so much for the award 🙂

  12. Indrani Bagchi

    Sowmya, these vadas look very delicious and congrats on your well deserved awards!

  13. oh how I love this …reminds me of my many travels btw mysore and bang!…

  14. Thank you Sowmya, I appreciate it. Enjoy your awards as well and keep blogging.Take care!:))

  15. Looks so crunchy. Congrats on your awards.

  16. Tempting vadas…I have a small treat for you here…

  17. Lovely Vadais! They look nice and crisp!

  18. Nice crisp vadas 🙂

  19. Purva Desai

    maddur vadai looks really tempting…
    Congrats for all the awards you deserve them…

    You ve a Friendship to be cherished on my blog….grab it..

  20. congrats on awards and vadas are looking awesome.

  21. maddur vadas look so delicious. Congrats on the well deserved awards.

  22. Madhur vadai are my hubby’s all time favourite.. Havent made them in a while.. good u reminded me of them..

  23. How very sweet of you to pass on an award to me. Thank you so much.

  24. maddur vada looks lovely .. adding cabbage is new to me .. check out another version of maddur vada at my blog

  25. Wow! This is my first time visiting your blog. Wonderful. I love India food, will definitely give your recipe a try!

  26. And 1 more thing, Congratx on your Awards!

  27. sefa firdaus

    Hi Sowmya, thanks a lot dear for the award. I will post it asap.


  28. hey u reminded me of my train journeys too, i did tried it earlier too, but that taste never came, now ‘ll try urs version..
    Congrats for ur awards..

  29. Huge congrats on your awards and many thanks for passing on to me I ma honoured 🙂

    Rosie x

  30. Sowmya..
    I just posted the award you gave me. Thanks a lot for more!

  31. rekhas kitchen

    nice recipe sowmya will try this soon thanks for your lovely comment

  32. Vishal Kamath

    HiI am looking at gifting Jaya Shenoys book to my mom. Can you help me with details of where i can buy it please?RegardsVishal K

  33. Sowmya Madhavan

    Hi Vishal, This book must be available in any of the reputed bookshops anywhere in India. Where do you stay? Will let you know the exact place from where to buy..


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