Mango breakfast smoothie bowl recipe

It feels so good to blog after a small silence. Last week had been busy and the couple of hours per week,I usually keep aside for my blogging work was utilized to create a new look for my blog. Yes, after reverting to a new hosting early this year, I also wanted a new professional look for my blog. I have been thinking,reading and researching about it for sometime now and then finally I started working on it. A few widgets here and there and some old posts may still appear a bit cluttered, but am still working on it. My apologies!! It may take a while . But if something is very disturbing, please mail me about it. mango desserts

Coming to the recipe for today, I have been wanting to blog this atleast a month back. I have seen the craze for healthy breakfast smoothie bowls in the blogging world for quite sometime. This was something new and unusual than the usual breakfast or desserts we have. So when mangoes were in season , I made this several times and posted it in my instagram too. Its really easy to make and is also made in a jiffy. Totally my kind!! Yes for the new readers, I love to spend minimum possible time in the kitchen and hence whip up quick ,healthy and delicious meals.I use new unsual ingredients and my recipes are something not too traditional and not too difficult either. I added a little oats and yogurt to the mango to make it thicker. The base has to be thick so that the garnishing wont sink down and make it all into a mess.It has to appealing!! I have seen recipes where they also use fruits which are frozen and then blended to form a thick base. So thats another way you can be doing this. But I liked this way and I am not too comfortable using frozen fruits. I have used different fruits and nuts for garnishing each time. My family has always love this new thing for their breakfast. It is quite filling too.

mango smoothie bowl  So if you are still able to lay your hands on some sweet mangoes , do try this recipe for your breakfast or even your mid morning or evening snack or your dessert. But if you dont get mangoes, do not fret. There are many other fruits or plenty of ways you can make it. Keep visiting. I will be posting more of these soon.

Read the notes for more tips.

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Mango breakfast smoothie bowl recipe Yum
A dessert which is healthy enough to make your breakfast time interesting!!
mango smoothie breakfast bowl
Prep Time 5 minutes
Cook Time 0
Prep Time 5 minutes
Cook Time 0
mango smoothie breakfast bowl
  1. Peel and Chop the mango to small pieces. Add the yogurt and oats. Add the sugar if you prefer. Blend this to a smooth paste.
  2. Take this in a bowl in which you will be serving. Sprinkle the chia seeds on the top. Garnish with Raspberries and strawberries. See notes.
Recipe Notes

breakfast smoothie bowls


You can reserve some tiny pieces of mango for garnishing.

You can add some chopped almonds or pistachios or even cashews on the top.

You can add fruits of your choice. I have tried with kiwis,apricots,peaches and dried figs.

You can make ahead and then chill and serve.

You can blend the mango with some banana(frozen preferably) for the smoothie to be thick.

You can use sugar or any sweetener( like honey or maple syrup )of your choice. Or you can just skip that completely.

Please refer my instagram to see more pictures of my mango smoothie bowls.

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  1. Seems extremely simple recipe… but I can feel my mouth savouring it. Will definitely try this.

  2. Looking yummy I like this recipe I am hungry.. Thanks for sharing this nice post.


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