Mango kulfi icecream

Hello to all my readers. Good to be back to blogging after a very long time. But I have been working on my blog and still working on it. I am trying to make it more organised and more better to get motivated to be regular to blogging.Cooking has been going on and it has been full fledged healthy cooking. I do have some recipes in my drafts which I would like to get done with and then start working on other recipes.


I have had my fair share of mangoes this year too like the previous years. I have eaten a lot of them and used them in a few recipes too. I have posted a lot of recipes with mangoes for the last two years. This year , I made this icecream. Actually its more of a kulfi or indian icecream where the milk is boiled and stirred to reduce its volume and thicken. The final product is smooth and creamy. It had no crystals and tasted really delicious. We enjoyed it. You can even pour them in popsicle moulds or plastic cups to make popsicles or kulfi. Thats how its done. But I decided to just pour in a container and then scoop it into cups.


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Mango kulfi icecream Yum
Indian icecream recipe with mangoes and nuts!!
Course dessert
Cuisine indian
Prep Time 10 minutes
Cook Time 45 minutes
Course dessert
Cuisine indian
Prep Time 10 minutes
Cook Time 45 minutes
  1. Boil the milk.
  2. Add condensed milk to the boiling milk. Keep stirring to prevent from burning at the bottom of the vessel.
  3. Keep stirring for 20 minutes.
  4. Now add sugar and stir to reduce the volume of milk to almost half.
  5. Add the nuts.
  6. Remove from fire.
  7. Allow to cool for 15 minutes.
  8. Pour the mango puree and mix well.
  9. Allow it to cool completely.
  10. Pour this mixture in a freezer safe box.
  11. Freeze it for 6 hours.
  12. Serve immediately.
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  1. Travel Mosafer

    Wow, mouth watering ice cream. I love mango shake, therefore, the thought of Mango Kulfi ice cream makes me drool. LOL Thank you for sharing your recipe, I will try to do it on the weekend!

  2. Mrs Rebello..

    Waao mouth watering… I’ll surely try ma kids will love it… Thanks dear…

  3. It looks nice!I think strawberry will also can use in this recipe?

  4. Thank you for sharing this yummy Kulfi ice cream recipe

  5. Your mango recipes always will be a mouth watering and this this you came up with My favorite kulfi love this will work on this and try to get best taste as like you.

  6. yummy, I really love it, I always told to my mum to make this for me.


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