Milagai podi/chutney powder for idlis and dosas

I never bought or tried making this chutney powder or also called as idli milagai powder before until I started making idlis and dosas frequently. I don’t find time to make chutneys and sambars each time I make idlis, thats where this one comes to the rescue. So heres the recipe for the powder

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Milagai podi/chutney powder for idlis and dosas Yum
Cuisine south indian
Cuisine south indian
  1. Dry roast udid dal,Channa dal and til seperately till they turn a golden brown. Heat oil in a pan. Add mustard seeds,salt, hing and then the red chillies and roast them for a few minutes. Combine all the ingredients and grind them finely in a chutney grinder. Store in a air tight container.
  2. While serving, take the required amount of the powder and mix it with gingelly oil/til oil, goes very well with dosas and idlis. You can also rub them on idlis when you are carrying them in your lunch box.
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26 thoughts on “Milagai podi/chutney powder for idlis and dosas”

  1. looks quite easy & i’m sure tasty too…but never made it, though i remember eating it few times from one of the collegues tiffin long time back, not sure what it was called, for us it was tasty idli’s… I’m guessing it was the same thing…i’m gonna try now…bookmarked.

  2. i have frnd from south india, she makes all kinds of podis and always shares with me..tastes awesome with idli or just plain rice too..i never made any by myself..yours is a nice recipe too

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