Modak/Kozhakattai recipe(deep fried) for Ganesh Chathurthi!!!

I thought of blogging about my modaks today itself though I was a bit busy as well as tired. We did not have a elaborate pooja. I and my one year old kid celebrated ganesh chathurthi doing a Ganapati arti and neivedyam .

Traditionally in Tamilnadu, the modaks or kozhakattais are made by stuffing the poornam in processed rice flour and steaming it. But the laborious process was difficult for me to manage along with the kid. So I made by the easier version though this was also a bit time consuming. It tasted good. So here is how I made them.

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Modak/Kozhakattai recipe(deep fried) for Ganesh Chathurthi!!! Yum
Course dessert
Cuisine indian
Prep Time 20 minutes
Cook Time 30 minutes
Course dessert
Cuisine indian
Prep Time 20 minutes
Cook Time 30 minutes
  1. Make a smooth dough with the flour adding salt and ghee with some water. Keep it aside.
  2. Now for the stuffing preperation, heat a heavy bottomed pan. Add jaggery and stir till it liquifies. Now add grated coconut, cardamon powder ,nutmeg. Mix well. Take care, it does not stick to the bottom of the pan and burn. Now add milk if using. Keep stirring till it thickens adding ghee in between.
  3. Now make small balls with the dough. Roll each ball into a small circle. Keep the sweet stuffing in the center and seal from the top as shown in the picture below.
  4. Repeat the same with all the balls. Deep fry them to a golden colour.
Recipe Notes

I am sending this to Purva and priti who are hosting the Indian festive food event!!

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  1. Taste of Mysore

    Happy Ganesh Chaturthi Sowmya to you and your family. Modak’s look good..I am yet to blog mine 🙂 and send them to Purva..


  3. Happy Ganesh Chaturthi Sowmya…Modak looking yummy…..Pooja pic is gud too…have fun dear

  4. Hi Sowmya, happy ganesh chathurthi to you and family. i too just made modak, posted it, and send it to Purva’s event 🙂

  5. You deep fried it.. Have never though of it.

  6. Happy Ganesh Chaturthi SOWMYA TO u AND ur FAMILY…..Modak looks Gr8 pooja Pic is good to…..

  7. Neat twist using maida and frying the modak…looks delicious…Happy Ganesh Chaturthi to you ….

  8. Hi,
    Happy Ganesh Chaturthi Sowmya, modak looks delicious

  9. Deep fried Modaks are new to me… I’m planning to make a small batch of the regular modaks for the puja…

  10. Happy Ganesh chaturthi Sowmya! Getting the right consistency of the rice flour dough has been a little tricky for me. Your version sounds yumm 🙂

  11. Happy Vinayaka Chadurthi Sowmya, Love the Modak , u made it very cutely & even deep fried 🙂

  12. Oh that looks great…Happy ganesh chaturthi…

  13. Happy Ganesh chathurthi to you Sowmya..those modaks look soooo pretty..and deep frying them is a good idea,I never seem to get it right with the steamed ones with rice flour..great entry!!

  14. Happy Chathurthi, dear…

  15. Happy Ganesh Chaturthi

  16. I love this version of modhakum. Deep fried and crunchy on the outside but sweet on the inside. YUM. Happy Ganesh chathurthi sowmya.

  17. Even I made Modak for Ganesh Chaturthi….but this was new for me…frying the modaks…will try your version for sure..
    Thank you for the authentic lovely entry

  18. How delicious those look! A very happy Ganesh Chaturthi to you, Sowmya.

  19. Happy Vinayaka Chaturthi to you Sowmya! Modaks look so delicious.

  20. Thanks for modak recipe,I want to try it.

  21. Thanks so much Sowmya for adding me to your blog roll. I am so happy!
    Happy Ganesh chaturthi! 🙂


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