More of my crochet work…

These are the pictures of some crochet table cloth. I made them around 2 years back.


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  1. easycrafts

    Lovely designs…especially the first one

  2. Illatharasi

    Wow, great designs… do email me the patterns:)

  3. look good…hope u still dng

  4. nice sowmi… u r horse of all trades? y wont u teach that to me..very eager to learn it

  5. wow, awesome creations Sowmya! Keep up the good work dear!

  6. Lovely creations… I am sure there is more to be showcased here.

  7. Hi Sowmya I do Crochet too and love your designs

  8. Devi Priya

    Very creative. I have a surprise for you in my blog.

  9. Taste of Mysore

    very colorful n nice, I liked the first one! Have u tried making a tank top for yourself with crochet? I simply loved it when I saw someone wearing it in MRT. You must try coz u have very good hands on crochet.

  10. Anisheetu

    Great work yaar I always wanted to lear chrochet but ended in learning half way always… 🙂 My grandma used to do it… by the way i have tagged u check my craft blog for details… 🙂

  11. Your crochet work is very beautiful. I love them.


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