Navrathna pulao recipe – mughlai rice recipe

This is a mughlai variety of rice which is quite rich and delicately spiced. I took the recipe from Tarla dalal’s joys of vegetarian cooking. It tasted great and the aroma was simply superb and the frangrance lasted for a long long time. Certainly will be liked by people who enjoy less spicy food.

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Navrathna pulao recipe - mughlai rice recipe Yum
Course main course

north indian
Prep Time 20 minutes
Cook Time 15 minutes
Course main course
Cuisine north indian
Prep Time 20 minutes
Cook Time 15 minutes
  1. Cook the rice. The grains should be seperate. Heat ghee in a pan. Add cashewnuts.Fry and keep them aside. Then add raisins(if using). Fry and keep them aside.Fry the onions till they are golden brown and keep aside. Add the shahjira,cinnamon, cloves and cardamoms to the ghee and fry again. Add the rice, paneer,green peas,carrots , fruit pieces, paste , salt and mix well. Warm the saffron a little , rub in a little warm water and add it to rice. Decorate with the fried cashews,raisins and onions.
  2. You can serve with spicy curds.
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  1. Wow…the pulao looks yummy!

  2. looks delicious,..nd intresti ingredient,,,good one for sunday lunch

  3. wow… thats a colorful pulao…

  4. Pulao sounds delicious, delicately spiced.
    BTW, I tried ur peanutbutter squares. Liked it very much. Followed ur recipe to T. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Navrathna pulav looks delicious and inviting.Never tried this.Will try now….Thanks for passing the Magic lamp……

  6. Love this Pulao, we actually call this Kashmiri Pulao.

    Thanks for passing the magic lamp of Luck.

  7. That looks good – will definitely be a hit with kids.

  8. navrathna pulao looks delicious Sowmya..thanks for passing me Magic Lamp

  9. easycrafts

    Have to try this soon…looks yummy

  10. great pulao…hope it goeas well with navarathna kurma 😉

  11. pulao looks so delicious Sowmya! Congrats on the awards.

  12. Thank U sowmya for passing on magic lamp of luck…

    pulao looks great too..

  13. Love the pulaov 🙂 looks yummy!

  14. navrathan pulao looks simply amazing..i have eaten navrathan kurma but never tried sure its equally delicious with the basmathi rice…yummmmmm

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    Genie Princess

  16. The pulao looks good with all the cashews on it.

  17. Taste of Mysore

    Pulao looks nice and ya pleasently flavored and lightly spiced rice is always a feast..Atlast I was successful in baking shortbread with rose tea and crystelised ginger. Will post it soon..

  18. perrrrrrfect pulao. I wanted to try this. nice recipe.

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