Navratri prasadams- varieties to make for the nine day festival

Happy Vijaydashmi to all blogger friends and the readers of Creative saga.”

Navratri, a very popular hindu festival, is celebrated for nine nights, the 10th day being Vijaydashmi or dusshera. Therefore its a ten day festival. All the states have their own way of celebrating this festival of “Shakti” in her nine forms. You can read it in detail here.

In Gujarat, the dandia (form of dance)is very popular during this festival. In the north of India, the ladies worship young girls(kanya, considered as devi). On the 8th or 9th day of navratri, the girls are invited and they are given prasads(offering) of puri and chole along with some goodies. Bengal celebrate this festival in a very grand manner as “Durga pooja”.

Down south, “bomma golu” or doll house is the main attraction of the festival. Ladies are invited home and are given tamboolam or Haldi kumkum(manjal kumkumam). Chundal or sundal is the main offering during navratri. It is made with different pulses. Or any form of offering is made everyday for 9 days.

So here is a list and a collage photo of the prasadams I made during the last nine days.

Click on the name for detailed recipe..

1.Black chick pea chundal.

2.Broken wheat halwa.

3.Chickpeas/kabuli chana chundal.

4.Chana dal/bengal gram chundal

5.Oats halwa.

6.Semiya payasam.

7.Rava kesari.

8. Green peas chundal.

Other Prasadam ideas-

1. Payasam varieties

2. Kesari varieties

3. halwa varieties

4. Laddoo varieties

5.whole masoor dal chundalΒ 

6.Green moon (pachai payaru) sweet sundal

7.Spicy karamani sundal

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23 thoughts on “Navratri prasadams- varieties to make for the nine day festival”

  1. Warm Dusshera wishes to you and your family Sowmya..Wow that’s a nice spread…everything looks yummy..waiting for the recipe now πŸ™‚

  2. Happy Vijaya Dashami Sowmya…sounds like you had a great celebration for navratri so far…everything looks delicious πŸ™‚

  3. best wishes to you and your family. the spread looks lovely, I wish i had the time to make things each day!

    cheers, trupti
    the spice who loved me

  4. Can’t wait to see those recipes.. hey i have the same green candle stand with the silver thing inside.. πŸ™‚

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