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Double Chocolate pancakes – Quick Breakfast recipes


I have also been making pancakes. I use healthy and different ingredients each time. I normally use whole wheat flour or oats. And then , I drizzle with some sugarcane syrup before I serve. This syrup was given by a friend and it has been a great thing. We have totally enjoyed it. My kids also love these pancakes and eat them in a jiffy without making a fuss leaving a satisfied me!!!


Masala tea – Masala chai recipe


I sometimes add cardamom powder, whole cinnamon or cinnamon powder or even lemon grass. I like the spicy taste of my tea and its quite soothing especially when you are having a cold or fever. Its quite refreshing and I especially love to have it after my nap.

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Easy and quick pomegranate smoothie


I had made this smoothie few months ago when I had bought some pomegranates which were not at all sweet. My kids love pomegranate. But this particular variety which I had got from the supermarket were huge and looked juicy with a beautiful red colour. But they were not sweet at all. So I decided to make a smoothie. I and my hubby had it for breakfast . It was yummy and filling too!! It was a good way of using up the fruits.

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Eggless carrot beetroot brownies


I want to spend some time doing healthy cooking and bring up some healthy baking recipes.I really hope to change their diet pattern. So that should also give me opportunity to blog more of this recipes. I have already been doing this and I keep sharing the pictures in my instagram too. So please do keep visiting and continue to encourage me with your comments.

So here comes the brownies recipe with carrots,beetroots and nuts. DO try and you will love it.

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Maida matri/thattai- diwali snack recipes


Hello to all my lovely loyal readers after a super long time who actually happen to see my blog time to time and enquire with me regarding the updates. I actually wanted to post this before diwali and I started my post almost 20 days back, but could not find time to do it. But now as I am finding some time, I have a few posts in my drafts which I will try to post in the next few days before my upcoming trip to India. I look forward to do some serious blogging next year unlike this year…

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Indian bakery style honey cake


Recently, I was just getting nostalgic about my school days at pune. I was around 7 years around that time. There was this tiny cute bakery on my way back from school with full of yummy colourful goodies. Everyday as I walked back home holding my moms fingers, I use to be tempted and craved for each of those yums. This particular pink colour muffins covered with sweetened coconut fascinated me a lot. On some rare occasions, Mom used to buy the goodies. We ate with relish and enjoyed it to the core though if it was today , I…

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Mango kulfi icecream


Hello to all my readers. Good to be back to blogging after a very long time. But I have been working on my blog and still working on it. I am trying to make it more organised and more better to get motivated to be regular to blogging.Cooking has been going on and it has been full fledged healthy cooking. I do have some recipes in my drafts which I would like to get done with and then start working on other recipes.

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Vegetable brown rice patty – easy wholemeal ideas


My son often has stayback after school on certain days. So I need to pack an extra tiffin box on such days. He hardly gets 15 minutes for eating before the class begins. He eats very slowly and so I usually pack something which can be easily and quickly eaten. Generally I make stuffed parathas and roll it up for him. So for one of these stayback days, I made some wholemeal cutlets. This recipe involves rice and vegetables and made a quick and proper lunch for my son.