Peanut butter bread roll recipe

Its almost a couple of months I baked my first bread and now its become a routine. I make it almost every week and as far as possible try to have only the home made bread. And its real fun to try stuffing them or experimenting breads like this one. Though I admit the experimented ones are not too perfect in terms of shape, but they have the soft spongy texture and they taste great, so is shape a really big deal!! Also, the outer crust which used to be tough in my initial breads is soft now.

Well , this time I had some creamy peanut butter with me. So I made a kind of bread roll with it. There are some problems I faced with the bread this time. It took a long time to rise probably because it wasn’t warm around here and so I just left the dough overnight. It rose to some extent. So in case you try this one, you can re schedule the time taken for each step according to your requirement.

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Peanut butter bread roll recipe Yum
  1. Combine the yeast and warm water in a big bowl and leave it for sometime till it froths.Add the sugar and salt. Then add the flours. Mix well. Next add peanut butter and milk. Add more wheat flour if required and knead to form a smooth elastic non sticky dough using little of the canola oil. Cover and allow it to rise. I kept it overnight, but 2 to 3 hours is enough if everything goes on well.
  2. Meanwhile mix all the ingredients(except cranberries and raisins) of the stuffing to make a smooth paste.
  3. After the dough rises, just punch a little and keep it on a floured surface and knead it for 3 to 4 times. Then roll it to a circle with a rolling pin. Apply the cream over it. Sprinkle dried cranberries and raisins.Roll it like you do for a swiss roll. Now set this on a greased loaf pan.Allow it to rise for 2 more hours. Then Preheat the oven to 180c. Bake at 180c for 35 minutes till it is brown on the surface. (Cooking time can vary with different ovens).
  4. Cool and then slice the bread.
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  1. As long as the texture and taste is good, shape part can be improved upon. It looks soft and has a nice crust. The filling sounds interesting.

  2. Yummy bread’ve become a pro-bread baker now..I still only dream of making a bread loaf someday..;-).Lovely way to include peanut butter in your bread,I once made cookies using PB.I’ve read at Sharmi’s blog(Food in the main)that covering the bread with a clean kitchen towel makes the crust softer,try that next time..;-)

  3. you are so right about homemade bread being special…peanut butter in it sounds exotic…

  4. sounds healthy and looks delicious..

  5. by the way,congrats on ur award dear:)

  6. Peanut butter rolls looks good sowmya and congrats on ur well deserved award!

  7. this looks yummy,,…and with time u hve become expert ,..congrats for the award,..

  8. Taste of Mysore

    congratulations on your awards dear and i liked the filling very much 🙂

  9. hi sowmya, i like that idea of peanut butter in the bread! it must have tasted wonderful!

  10. First few times, they don’t come out perfect but that’s quite okay, we all learn by experience of course. Looks good, yummy with Peanut butter and brown sugar! :))

  11. Sowmya,breads are my passion..Yours won looks tempting and i can guess the taste..(and the wafting smell)

  12. That’s the best part about baking it at home.. we can make so many yummy variations.

  13. Congrats on your award..The bread looks very soft and yumm

  14. Pavithra Kodical

    Congrats!!! Bread looks and great and am sure it tastes great too with the yummy filling 🙂

  15. Love stuffing bread, I also got in bread baking spree nowadays…Delicous with peanut butter!

  16. I love the idea of peanut butter rolls Sowmya, looks inviting !

  17. yummy looking bread 🙂
    I am yet to overcome the fear and try my hand at baking 🙁

  18. Peanut butter bread something new for me.Looks delicious.

  19. wow..looks delicious!!Its tempting..I haven’t tried bread till now..I am learning now by seeing your bread baking recipes 🙂

  20. somehow i never liked peanut butter..but your bread looks good

  21. One more bread from you…cool…looks so gud

  22. wow, you’re baking many goodies these days! bread looks mouth-watering Sowmya! Perfect.

  23. Priya Suresh

    Bread rolls looks delicious SOwmya…one more fabulous bread!!!

  24. srikars kitchen

    looks delicious.. nice entry..

  25. Homemade bread are truly out of this world! Your bread looks so delicious!

  26. Shama Nagarajan

    Yummy dear…looks check this ur suggestions

  27. Bread looks perfect sowmya, becoming expert in baking line too.

  28. Poornima Nair

    Hey Sowmya…first time here…u have a grt collection…the bread roll looks delicious….

  29. congrats on the award & filling is interesting

  30. Mahimaa's kitchen

    wow this bread sounds great for breakfast…yeah nothing like home made bread..

  31. I don’t like peanut butter but I like your roll and the idea of stuffing it in. A sweet and chewy texture.

  32. Madhu's cooking gallery

    hey good one Sowmya…my son loves peanut butter on bread.. so gotta try this for sure..this really looks so yummy Sowmya!

  33. sriharivatsan

    Looks very soft and moist..G8 work sowmya..Congrauts on ur award..

  34. Viki's Kitchen

    congrats on your award dear. Bread looks yummy and healthy. Nice recipe.

  35. Nithya Praveen

    Yummy bread Sowmya,so u’ve become a Pro in baking now.Good one:)

  36. Delicious ,sowmya.I bake a lot and eat a lot of PB, the rolled bread sounds like a very tasty bake,will try sometime.
    At times when the yeast doesn’t get the warmth,it doesn’t rise much,I usually set the oven on warm for just a minute then turn the heat off and place the dough in the oven to rise.

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