Peanut butter chocolate squares- easy dessert recipe

When I was browsing some international food blogs, I came upon Lisa’s kitchen. I found it very interesting with lovely recipes..some of them really easy and the main part was it was all vegetarian. I saw this recipe of delicious squares and it was quite easy and since I had some guests , I decided to make them immediately.It came out nice and tasted so good , my guest asked me to pack some for him to take home.

I did not make major changes to the ingredients. You can find the original recipe here.But here is the list of my ingredients and method.

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Peanut butter chocolate squares- easy dessert recipe Yum
Course dessert
Course dessert
  1. Mix crushed digestive biscuits, peanut butter , icing sugar and butter in a medium sized bowl properly.Press into a greased glass pan.
  2. Melt the chocolate and mix well with peanut butter till smooth. Drizzle over the bottom layer and smooth it even with a spatula.
  3. Chill and cut them into pieces.
Recipe Notes

As this recipe contains only five ingredients, I am sending this to MBP- less is more July 08' being hosted by Nupur of one hot stove, the monthly event started by coffee.

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  1. Illatharasi

    Good entry… I never tried peanut butter;)

    Picture says it to be tasty:)

  2. Your chocolate squares looks very yummy. I have some peanut butter to be used up. Bookmarked.

  3. They look so delicious! Thank you for participating in the event.

  4. Sunshinemom

    I lick up peanut butter just like that, and love the cookies esp. the chocolate!

  5. Anything that involves chocolate can be ‘tried and tested’ any number of times 😉 The squares look beautiful!

  6. That’s one delicious and simple to make dessert Sowmya. I also tried one sweet using peanut butter from another blog, but totally forgot about this event. After seeing yours only I thought that I should send it to the event. So thanks for that too.

  7. Looks delicious……….:)

  8. notyet100

    looks delicious,,,nice entry for the event

  9. Chocolate and peanut butter do make for a yummy combination… looks good.

  10. I’m glad this recipe worked out for you. Interesting changes to my original recipe.

  11. I’ve adored these since I saw them on Lisa’s blog! they look lovely Sowmya:)

  12. delicious entry Sowmya!

  13. Love peanut butter.. Can i say healty decandence???

  14. very tempting…yummy looking dish…..

  15. yummmyyyyy

  16. Anonymous

    Peanut butter chocolate squares looks awesome. Best combo. I love to try this. But I have one question where can I get /Digestive biscuits by mcvities’s/ I live in USA. Thanks in advance.


  17. Maheswari

    Delicious and simple entry..

  18. Sowmya Madhavan

    hi Radha,
    The original recipe used graham crackers..since i did not find them here, i used mcvitie’s digestive biscuits..If you dont find graham crackers,you could try using any other digestive biscuits, marie biscuits or plain cookies(vanilla).

  19. they are exactly like the ones u adopted from….me not a big fan of peanut butter

  20. They do look good… must try them , thank you

  21. Taste of Mysore

    Choc squares look delish. I have 2 bottles of chunkey peanut butter sitting in my shelf..neat idea to make use of them.

  22. Gr8 chocolate squares looks inviting..Never tried peanut butter….

  23. I am not a big fan of peanut butter cookies, but these look delicious.

  24. Hi peanut butter is so tasty, and I can imagine how this will taste:-) Lovely recipe…

  25. Vanamala Hebbar

    super dish … nice pic

  26. Swati Raman Garg

    hey even i has made them sometime back arent they great… lisa rocks….:)


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