Pictures with grains- elephant- kid’s school project

        My son had to do a collage work using different grains on the picture they had provided in school. Hence I got an opportunity to do some craft, especially this one after posting about something similar few days back. It does require lots of patience. But my usually impatient kiddo found this quite interesting and helped me in arranging the grains and sat with me doing it for atleast an hour. I think I should engage him in more of such activities in future. How about you?

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  1. Dr Sonia S V

    So cute and beautiful.Good your son had the patience to do a lovely and neat job.

  2. looks great

  3. So adorable. It’s so nice that you get to do such fun stuff with your kid.

  4. Shama Nagarajan

    wonderful dear

  5. too good,..its come very neat too


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